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The Room - Open Fire

The Room
Open Fire
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 03 January 2013, 10:57 AM

It’s painful to remember. THE ROOM is lost in love. I feel like knocking on that impudent door and tell them to get over it. I will credit them for not falling into the pit full of change. They’ve preserved what’s true to them and that’s important.

To sum up this is like radio Rock. Nothing mind-blowing, simple melodies but as we all know these kind of groups dwell in sameness. The real problem was two things. Number One: Martin Wilson’s vocals; Number Two: Steve Anderson’s guitar playing. I felt the vocals weren’t in the greatest chemistry with the rest of the music. Musical experimentation suffered to cover for Wilson.  Anderson, well he played really basic stuff. Sort of a secret agent joining a band and hiding his real intentions from them.

I thought I was doomed in a never-ending torture scene with Wilson prominently taking over. Luck happened to smile upon me and Andy Rowe was there to save the day. His playing was really soothing and at sometimes romanticized. His tasty rhythms had nice transitions, simple but it got the job done. He created the illusion that was listening to a tendency Steve Harris (IRON MAIDEN) has during melodic interludes. That’s not all but his vocals are heavenly in “The Spark“. I could have melted in my seat upon hearing such grace but Wilson quickly took me back to hell.

I will say these guys have great potential hidden deep within them but just unsure on how to bring it out. I hope they plan out their songs a bit more in the future. I seriously suggest kicking out Anderson. I’m sorry dude but you sound like filler material. I thought this was a painful record but I do see a tiny lit essence of potential in you guys.

1 Star Rating

1. Flesh & Bone
2. A Causal Believer
3. 16 Tonnes
4. Screaming Through the Noise
5. A Multitude of Angels
6. In the Shadows
7. Behind the Silence
8. The Spark
9. ICU
Martin Wilson - Vocals
Steve Anderson - Guitars
Andy Rowe - Bass & Backing Vocals
Andrew Rae - Drums
Steve Checkley - Keyboards
Record Label: Melodic Revolution Records


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