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The Royal Arch Blaspheme - II

The Royal Arch Blaspheme
by Dory Khawand at 09 August 2012, 1:40 PM

The underground realm of Black Metal to me has always been a dark dungeon which I’d want to explore for undiscovered treasures. Sometimes my findings would be very disappointing, and at other times I find something that I’d just want to hold on to and add to my personal treasury. THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME’s latest release is one of those findings. But, is this album going to find its way into my treasury? Let’s find out!

Let me start by saying that among the underground Black Metal bands I’ve found this year, THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME is the most obscure. Before finding out about this release, I had no idea of the band’s existence. Anyhow, let’s see what this album has to offer.

The album opens up with “When the Cruel Nails Pierced…” which upon listening to the first minute of it; I could immediately tell this was another Satanic / Occult Raw Black Metal release filled with hate and madness. Throughout the whole 5 minutes, it was all pretty much the same, but still enjoyable. Same goes for the 3 following tracks on the album, just pure Satanic Black Metal madness that doesn’t stop coming. For people like myself, that can be good when you’re looking for this kind of album. So far, it reminds me a lot of NARGAROTH’s “Black Metal Ist Krieg” and a little bit of JUDAS ISCARIOT.

One thing worth noting is how the bass is very audible in most of the tracks, which is something very refreshing, especially on the track “Profane Rites”. Other than that, I can’t put myself to talk the musicianship any further. However, it is a pretty good attempt at an already repeated formula, which for some fans can be a pretty good thing, and for others, a very bland and boring album.

All in all, being a sucker for the raw Black Metal sound, I found myself enjoying this release, having played the record over 3 times and carefully observing its contents. For fans looking for a revival in the sacred “Blood & Vomit” by NATTERFROST and the cruel dark chills in TAAKE, I suggest you give this album a listen. Otherwise, don’t, because you will be disappointed.

3 Star Rating

1. When the Cruel Nails Pierced Thy Tender Hands and Feet
2. Five Sacred Wounds
3. Lust, Blood, Sacrum
4. Ashes of the Holy Ghost
5. Profane Rite
6. Psalm 39
7. Resurrection of Depravity
8. Pendulum Swings
9. Vama-Marga (Parts 1 and 2)
10. Broken Word of God
N. Imperial – Vocals
Gelso – Guitars
Cox – Bass
Jones -Drums
Record Label: Hell’s Headbangers Records


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