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The Sad Flowers - Desolation

The Sad Flowers
by JoJo Hamilton at 26 November 2019, 7:34 AM

THE SAD FLOWERS is a 2 man Alternative Metal band from Mortsel. The band began in April 2013 and brought us their first self titled album in 2014. and 6 years on bring the new album “Desolation”. The band have said some of their influences are from the Doom Metal scene and the Industrial Metal world, giving fans a taste of the style they produce. A steady pace album, maybe not head banging music more on the side of chilled and relaxing metal music. As the bands 2nd album “Desolation” comes to us fresh from the producers, we can hear the depth in the album of feelings and emotions. The bands record company is “The Sad Flowers Garden”.  In the new album there are 12 songs by the duo. A rather dark toned album with powerful music and even more powerful lyrics. A deep sound to get stuck into. “Desolation” is the second album by THE SAD FLOWERS, (TSF). Just like” The Sad Flowers” released in 2017 this album is self-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at The Compound studio of Jan Ooms.

Deep” is the 2nd track on the album and opens slowly and calmly in a lengthy instrumental section. A song which is 8 minutes 26 seconds long. It is the longest track on the album which is followed by song number 12, “Rain” which is 7 minutes 37 seconds and is the 2nd longest track. The songs feature long instrumental sections and have an almost melancholy feel to them. “Doubt” is a fine track to listen to. A song which seems to be about a battle of sorts, maybe a battle of power or will? “Payback Time” is an upbeat track from the album, a song which is pretty self explanatory from the title. Its a song about getting your own back, with no more time to loose. Another track on the album worth noting is “Scorpions And Snakes”. A song about betrayal from those who are among us. As the title suggests, its a song about taking care from those who might cause us harm, a stealthy warning for us to heed.

An alternative Metal band who have wrote, performed, produced and mastered their own music and albums, THE SAD FLOWERS are a fine band for lovers of the Doom Metal genre. A slow paced album with a lot of depth of feeling. A lot of hard work has gone into the album by the duo to produce this work for the fans and the fans will no doubt appreciate this as they tune in & turn up. Not the type of album you can swing your hair to but more an album of deep contemplation. If you are a fan then its a new piece of material you wont want to miss.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sphere
2. Deep
3. Distance
4. Doubt
5. Payback Time
6. Sad Flowers
7. Scorpians And Snakes
8. Deception
9. Rucksichtslos
10. Rock Heart
11. Rain
12. Watchtower
Jan Ooms - Lead & Backing Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
Jany Claeskens – Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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