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The Scourge – Warrant For Execution Award winner

The Scourge
Warrant For Execution
by Keith Morash at 30 November 2019, 9:20 PM

Thrashers rejoice! Texas thrashers – THE SCOURGE release their first full length album, “Warrant For Execution” via Seeing Red Records. Heavily influenced by names such as SLAYER, MEGADETH and the mighty ANNIHILATOR, these guys are doing their part to keep the old school part of the curriculum.

Track one is called “Progressive Forms".  In like a lamb, “Progressive Forms" starts out clean, but it’s not long before this lion shows its teeth. Killer riffs, blistering speed and wicked leads. Everything a good thrash anthem should have.  For me the song really picked up after the second solo, going into tight, almost classical interlude. THE SCOURGE pushes their thrash agenda further with “Draws Near Dark”. I have to be honest, the vocal style in this track, took me a few listens to get on board with but after a few times on repeat I quickly warmed up to it. All in all, a damn good presentation of the thrash metal genre.

 Changing pace with track 3, “Hellhound And Down" slows things down with a chunky, almost groove metal feel. Any doubt I had in the vocal style from track 2 and completely redeemed after hearing this song. Everything about this song I loved. The change of pace shows diversity in both influence and own personal style and taste, but they couldn’t stay away long! Blistering speeds ahead with track 4, “Warrant For Execution”.  They had me with the Bass line opening on this one.  Based around a very strong Punk riff, relentless, Punk style drums and a ripping solo, “Warrant For Execution”  is sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Moving on to track 5, “One By One”. How many times do I have to say “another tight riff" before you just stop reading and go check out the album for yourself? “One By One” is jam- packed full of tight thrash riffs and I’m a big fan of the Vocals… and lyrics in this one.  Superb! Again with track 6, “S.O.I.”, the Vocals are on point. The Vocal range of Andrew Atwood is impressive and he uses it in a way to give the song more contour. Again with the riffs… I’ll be messaging the band after I’m done writing this to try and bum some tabs indefinitely.

A quick summery of the rest of the album would be, riffs, drums, solos, they got em! My favorite track on the album would have to be “The Cross On The Wall". I would say this song is a perfect display of their musical talent and diversity on all fronts. Every aspect of this song impressed me. From the groove style main riff found throughout, the clean tone break, Atwood's hate fueled Vocals, to his fiery fretwork in the solo. This song tells me exactly what they are all about! I wish THE SCOURGE all the best in the future and look forward to hearing more from them.

Song writing: 9
Musicianship: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Progressive Souls
2. Draws Near Dark
3. Hellbound And Down
4. Warrent For Extinction
5. One By One
6. S.O.I.
7. Killed
8. Mayhem Tonight
9. The Cross On The Wall
Andrew Atwood – Guitar/ Vocals
Alex  Erhardt – Drums
Garrick Smith – Bass
Record Label: Seeing Red Records


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