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The Seeds Within – Resistance

The Seeds Within
by Greg Golinczak at 03 December 2014, 5:34 PM

From the instant the album is put to spin the instruments as if on command under a ruthless war cry, fire on all cylinders without pulling any punches. RESISTANCE does not hesitate in letting us know that were about to be taken on a brutal journey.

Whilst we ‘’Cross the River’’ we are drowned under no nonsense attack of rhythmic interplay between the axes and drums, not allowing us to catch our breath until an ending as abrupt as the beginning. If pathetic fallacy is to be an actual phenomenon the title track gives us a grasp, if not a handful of what’s in store for the rest of the album. This is followed by a groove juggernaut opening of ‘’Underworld’’ which swallows us up completely in its obliterating passages, with a strongly contrasting yet seamlessly matching chorus. Although the lead guitar is scarce at points in the album, when utilized it always serves a musical purpose rather than as a showboat of masturbatory scale runs. The thing that makes thing album so good that a lot of the songs throw tempo curveballs that simply just work, the band chemistry is clearly there.

This balance shows a strong character within a band who’s been through several line-up changes since its inception in 2004, back when Hard-Core elements still played a rather major part in the bands song writing (see 2006 album – Trauma). Maturity is a title deserved to a band under such circumstances. Never does a part in a song feel unnecessary. Even though there are some songs that scream for the Belgian Quintet to let go into the more melodic domain.
The title track ‘’The Seeds Within’’ is an absolute stand out track with an urgent vocal performance from Xerus Liévin distinctive lead inter-laced with pit opening off-beat chugs. Together with a spoken/whispered passage followed by a great solo that just screams for more interplay but sadly never delivers.

The lyrical content cover your usual death metal subjects, and is as heavy as it is depressive whilst the songs are essentially what you would expect from a Death Metal band.  The tracks will not necessarily break new grounds on the genre but the album will make your head bang with finger clicking ease and please your inner demon.

3 Star Rating

1. Cross The River
2. The Underworld
3. Darkness Arise
4. Diabolical Obsession
5. Omen
6. The Seeds Within
7. Apocalypse
8. Purgatory
9. The Gift to Inherit
10. Antithesis
Xerus Liévin – Vocals
Benoit Sizaire – Bass
Oli Dris – Rhythm Guitar
Shaun V. Calster – Lead Guitar
Jonas Sanders – Drums
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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