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The Sitting Bull and the Bullshitters – Still Undead

The Sitting Bull and the Bullshitters
Still Undead
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 07 February 2015, 7:54 AM

Actually, there’s a great trend o Metal/Rock: to look back to the past and to try to put some efforts in doing music the way the ancient did. Of course this can generate thousands of clones (and they exist in Metal, unfortunately), but from time to time, some good names arise from the mass of clones, making something different and valuable. This is the clear case of the Finnish quintet THE SITTING BULL AND THE BULLSHITTERS and their first album, “Still Undead”.

But hold your horses, young ones: These guys are not looking to the 80’s. No, they’re doing an excellent work in the vein of the sixties!

They’re going far into the past, going back to prime musical influences for Metal, taking their those bands from Folk/Dream Rock like JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, CREAM, MOUNTAIN, GRATEFUL DEAD, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL and some Southern Rock influences sometimes (we can surely feel some of LYNYRD SKYNYRD touches sometimes). Maybe it’s not Heavy Metal in his deeper sense of the style. But it’s too good, refreshing and lovely to our ears this mixture between melodic and good vocals, some strong guitar riffs and solos (and there’s an acoustic guitar on their sound, mind you all), strong rhythmic basis and tasteful organs all the time (it seems to me the good and old Hammond). There’s nothing new at all in this album, but everything is excellent and full of life and spontaneity.

The sound quality makes the difference here: Besides their music don’t need great production (it would destroy their work entirely), they had it on a good level. It’s clear and in a very good level to understand what the band is doing, but not to the point of infinite tracks recorded. No, here the sound is very organic.

This is a lovely album, made for ears with good taste, and songs like “Supernatural”, “Rusty Leaf”, and “Godforsaken Goddess” can for sure satisfy the ones with more musical plurality, the ones with a tender heart and with open ears (if you’re a fan from 80’s Thrash Metal clones, stay away).

4 Star Rating

1. Supernatural
2. Soul Seeker
3. No Flowers on Gravestone
4. Rusty Leaf
5. Musical Sensation
6. Giants
7. Godforsaken Goddess
8. K-Town River Banks
9. Let It Flow
10. Cry for the Ocean
Markku Pihlaja – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Antti Lauren – Guitar
Ismo Laukkanen – Bass
Antti Huopainen – Organ
Matti Suhonen – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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