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The Solace Sky - In the Beginning

The Solace Sky
In the Beginning
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 08 April 2020, 5:13 AM

THE SOLACE SKY is an instrumental Metal/Rock out of Atlanta, Georgia. Born of a passion for music and a light-hearted camaraderie, they continue to push their creative limits to create music that is both technically interesting and fun to listen to. “In the Beginning” contains nine tracks, and it the band’s debut album.

“Adrena” leads off the album. It pulses with a slow and heavy rhythm, and one where you can clearly hear the bass guitar as well. The guitars turn a bit menacing towards the end. “Fetal” moves with a quicker pace and some lead guitar shrieks. They find a sound and run with it. It doesn’t venture too far from the path, but they do take some experimental steps every now and again. “Lumen” is a short three-minute song, featuring melancholy clean guitars and some background ambiance. Then, the main riff kicks in hard and heavy. The melancholy guitars return and take the song to completion.

“Menos” is much harder and heavier and moves more quickly as well. They establish a baseline with rough, open notes and go from there. “Nerve” is a bit longer and by the fourth track I have a sense of where the album is headed. They sort of remind me a bit of the West Virginian band KARMA TO BURN. They find the sound that they want, and they stick to it. There are no guitar solos or much in the way of experimentation. “Semilunar” is a short three-minute song with ominous tones and subdued rage. It fades out before it really gets going. “SMD” is another three-minute burner. It is fast and heavy, with a memorable riff. It ventures out just a bit into some short bursts of chaos.

“Terminal 2” feature a slower, more discernible track, with a heavy, thick guitar riff. It carries the main sound throughout the song. “VenaCava” closes the album. It’s a soulful song complete with lead guitar and a slower, more bluesy sound, really unlike anything else on the album. What a bright melody they build in this song. This is what I am talking about. What a very fitting album closer, and a song where they successfully nail a proper melody. Overall, this was a reasonably good attempt at instrumental Metal music. You can hear some amateur qualities mostly in the way the songs start and abruptly, but for a self-produced album, hey so what? I like where these guys are headed, and you get the foundation here that they can really build on.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Adrena
2. Fetal
3. Lumen
4. Menos
5. Nerve
6. Semilunar
7. SMD
8. Terminal 2
9. VenaCava
Record Label: Independent


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