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The Sorcerer - A Graveyard of Fallen Dreams

The Sorceror
A Graveyard of Fallen Dreams
by Andrew Sifari at 19 April 2014, 7:13 AM

THE SORCERER is a solo project by former GROG guitarist Hugo Andremon to explore and expand on his Black Metal influences. After years in the Metal underground/on-hiatus and a few demo recordings, THE SORCEROR collaborated on a split-EP with ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM, released last year, before releasing the full-length debut “A Graveyard of Fallen Dreams” this March through Helldprod records.

The album starts with the ominous, spoken-word introduction of “Excommunication” before “The Bearer Of Light” signals the arrival of the real aural onslaught. The song begins at a marching-like pace before the band takes off running, propelled by Andremon’s pummeling blast beats and hissing vocals. THE SORCEROR claim an appreciation for “Old good Thrash, Death, Black Metal” on their Facebook page, and it is very apparent throughout the record. While the music doesn’t sound dated at all, it definitely has a noticeable old-school feel to it, from the way each song progresses to the riffs, as well as the recording style, which sounds as if it came straight from the 1990’s. The melodies and vocals are very distinctly Black Metal, but with a very Thrash/Death-influenced approach. The lead playing is very solid, with a good balance between faster, shredding parts and the slower, more deliberate sections.

Entre as Trevas e a Sarjeta” is a mostly mid-paced thrasher that does a good job highlighting Andremon’s dexterous rhythm playing. This track has some of the better riffs on the album, and serves as a great warm-up for “The Spectre,” an excellent sampler of all of the band’s strengths. Each instrument is clearly audible in the mix (as it is throughout the album), making each individual moment that much more enjoyable, from the frantic Black Metal riffing to the emotive lead guitar fade-out at the end. It’s a really well-done song.

The Guardian” is another long one, but comes out all guns blazing for most of the song before descending into (what I can only think to describe as) an epic, melodic breakdown section. This is another great song, filled with multiple layers and accents that keep the listener attentive all the way through. As far as “catchiness” goes in Black Metal, this album definitely rates very well, and “The Sacrifice” is a big reason why, bringing up the rear in impressive fashion. Andremon seamlessly alternates speeds without skipping a beat, and the riffs and melodies across the track are among the album’s most memorable. “Close The Portal” bookends the album as an ambient-sound-only track, closing things out with an eerie note.
A Graveyard of Fallen Dreams” is a great example of instrument-centric Black Metal,, not unlike IMMORTAL in some regards. Andremon’s blistering musicianship and well-written songs stay faithful to old-school sensibilities while sounding fresh and creative compared to other contemporary music of this sort. I would recommend this highly to anyone who has a soft spot for old-school extreme Metal; you won’t be disappointed.

4 Star Rating

1. Excommunicated (Intro)
2. The Bearer Of Light 05:02
3. Entre as Trevas e a Sarjeta
4. The Spectre
5. The Guardian Spirit
6. The Sacrifice
7. Close The Portal
Hugo Andremon – All Vocals, Instruments
Record Label: Helldprod Records


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