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The Straddlerz - The Straddlerz

The Straddlerz
The Straddlerz
by Emily Schneider at 22 February 2021, 7:36 PM

Sometimes, there's a need for music that just feels like comfort for outcasts. Sleaze Rock certainly fits that description, with just an edge of rebellion and debauchery. Argentian-Italian duo THE STRADDLERZ bring this edgy side of exile to life with their debut self-titled album. The two met by a mutual friend who booked a gig in New York for them at random. Their name was chosen on a whim when they were on stage for that spontaneous gig and the rest is history. With their first album, they truly bring on the sleaze, but also bring in a few other subgenres and influences to create a fun and grainy listening experience.
The album immediately kicks things off with the slightly cynical opening track “No Changes”. I immediately caught some RUNAWAYS influence with the main riffs and Linda's gritty yet sultry vocal style. “Streets of Love" has some great shred in those guitar riffs. The vocals are a bit buried in the mixing in this song, it felt like they were competing to be louder than the drums and guitars surrounding. “Addiction” is a darker track, it feels like neon lights reflecting off of puddles on a city street. This is an emotional track as well, Linda's vocals are powerful, damn near heartbreaking near the end of this one. “Circle of Insanity” has a slower, somber intro then kicks into high gear with some chaotic drums and guitar in tandem. This song seems to be about mental illness, or at least the inner conflict of being good enough for society versus being good enough for yourself. “Open Your Eyes" and “I'm Alive” were both pure Sleaze Rock to the book. Killer vocals and great shred throughout both songs.
Don't Go Away" transports you to a smoky dive bar, this song has some cool Bluesy vibes then goes rather Grunge Rock at the desperate and frantic chorus and solo portion. It honestly was a great contrast between cool guitar and distorted as hell ones at the emotional parts. “Without You” is a song of liberation. There's plenty of raw authentic confidence that oozes from this track from the melody to the lyrics. “Junkie Bastards” closes the album with a distortion-heavy haven. There's this hazy, almost hallucination like mix to this track, very Stoner/Psychedelic Rock feeling. Not to mention the 'what is it?' repetition reminded me of “Epicb by FAITH NO MORE and I'm hoping it was intentional.
Overall, THE STRADDLERZ created one good time of an album. The guitars were distorted and catchy, the vocals were gritty and powerful and the melodies felt like a dimly lit crowded dive bar on a Saturday night. I think my only complaint was the music would sometimes drown out the vocals, so they were inaudible or it felt like she was having to yell over the guitars and drums at times. This was otherwise a total 'let loose and rock out' kind of album with plenty of attitude to get you into it.
Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. No Changes
2. Streets Of Love
3. Addiction
4. Circle Of Insanity
5. Open Your Eyes
6. Don’t Go Away
7. I’m Alive
8. Without You
9. Junkie Bastard
Linda Filippin – Vocals
Michael Reynal – Guitars
Guest Musicians
Robert Abrams, Santiago Rensonnet, Jimmy Falawine – Drums
Gary Hewes, Alex Zanel, Luke Lazy, Edward – Bass
Pablo Schmidt – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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