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The Suicider - Four Reasons To Die

The Suicider
Four Reasons To Die
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 April 2012, 6:40 PM

When I first listened to a medley spread of the Russian THE SUICIDER, it wasn’t that hard to point out that they are highly devoted fans of the lately expired SENTENCED band from Finland. The essence of the coming and going and suicidal thoughts and early retirement from life, in conventional ways of course like the noose, run strong within this foursome crew. However, as every listen I gave their latest EP, “Four Reasons To Die”, which consists four new tracks along with covers to you know who… I asked myself what is the true purpose of this band beyond being a tribute to SENTENCED and sounding exactly like them? Their material, also on the debut album from 2010, “Death Surround”, sounds precisely like something SENTENCED could have unleashed to the world if their decision to breakup hasn’t been there in the first place.

Frankly, I think that their first four tracks on this EP have something good in them. They really know how to keep you painful, grey and sorrowful I tell you that. In terms of sound and musical approach, THE SUICIDER of this EP is in the deep veins of the “Frozen” era of SENTENCED, maybe a bit after “Down”, where their notorious vocalist, Ville Laihiala, today of POISONBLACK, began singing in much cleaner tone of voice. “These Days”, which I think is the most adequate song that THE SUICIDER wrote itched with its ongoing drama that served me for six minutes that flew by pretty fast. It has great groove, wonderful far-reaching chorus and cool softer moments. The keyboards shape behind the rough guitars developed the listening experience even more. “Empty Shell” took several examples out of the former, even though it was a bit less in level, yet it was tougher, angrier and heavier. The main riff was SENTENCED like hell but it integrated well with bridge section, C part and the groovy chorus. “To The Sky” was too much SENTENCED all the way, it was hard for me to comprehend if the song was actually THE SUICIDER’s in the first place. The same was with “Away”.

Whether THE SUICIDER performed the covers of “The Suicider” and “Cross My Heart And Hope To Die”, which they did by the way pretty well, doesn’t change the fact that in their own way they are wasting themselves a bit. These players have quite the potential to do great things with their musical skills. SENTENCED are gone and even Laihiala in POISONBLACK and Vesa Ranta in THE MAN-EATING TREE are trying to escape their old image. “Four Reasons To Die” is a solid piece, yet I think that THE SUICIDER can capitalize and march forward with their own signature. 

3 Star Rating

1. To The Sky
2. Away
3. These Days
4. Empty Shell
5. The Suicider (Sentenced Cover)
6. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (Sentenced Cover) 
Michail Tatarinov– Guitars / Vocals
Alexey Rozorenov– Guitars / Vocals
Artem Averin– Bass / Backing Vocals
Maxim Eliseev– Drums
Record Label: Molot Records


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