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The Sun Explodes - The Calm, The Storm Award winner

The Sun Explodes
The Calm, The Storm
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 08 June 2015, 9:18 PM

On the last 15 years, Metal went by many mutations and musical styles even more weird came to our lives. It’s a matter of comprehension to live with them, to understand what these bands and new subgenres of Metal are all about. And it’s never an easy task to accept and understand new things. But to some, it’s a matter of time until we can accept their outstanding music. Of course, many Metallians still bury themselves in moldy and dusty sounds from the past to run away as a frightened chicken from innovations. Personally, “Big Daddy” here couldn’t care less for those false veterans that keep complaining about nowadays music and prefer to be consumed by the old feelings. I prefer to accumulate what I heard all these years and to comprehend and like the new tendencies. And to me, personally, bands like the quintet from UK called THE SUN EXPLODES is a fine name.

They play a melodic, tender and introspective way of Progressive Metal, but having some aggressive guitar riffs, having a somewhat technical insight here and there, turning the hearing of this EP something very good to our ears. The vocals are deep and melodic, and the guitars reflects the three sides of their music (aggressive, tender and technical), and a very good work done in terms of bass and drums, creating a powerful rhythmic basis for their work. And besides in this flood of the style we couldn’t the whole picture of the things, we can feel that these guys have a very strong personality as a band.

The sound quality is near perfection. It’s clear when things are more aggressive or when melodies and introspection take place. And for their work, this quality is essential, and we can understand the quintessence of their work this way.

 Their five songs are very good and tasteful.

A calm, melodic and tender beginning is what we have on “The Calm”, a very good and worked song, with some pretty good work on vocals, followed by “The Unnatural”, a heavier and catching song, with thunderous riffs and a perfect rhythmic session, both on melodic and heavy moments. A bit more abrasive is “The Grand Design”, but having very technical moments on instrumental parts. A bit more calm and tender is “I Walk Alone”, besides some aggressive riffs rise in some points, and where the vocals are very good. And “Storm of Light” is very deeper and calm in the beginning, but even on distorted moments, the calm and introspection are not torn apart.

A very good EP, and it’s a matter of time to become addicted on it.

4 Star Rating

1. The Calm
2. The Unnatural
3. The Grand Design
4. I Walk Alone
5. Storm of Light
Dave Maclachlan - Vocals
Alex Adamson - Guitar
Alex Harris - Guitar
Mike Walker - Bass
Jamie Harris - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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