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The True Werwolf - Devil Crisis

The True Werwolf
Devil Crisis
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 02 April 2020, 5:29 AM

It’s not a sin to say that the northern countries of Europe (Norway, Sweden and Finland) were the right place for the rebirth of Black Metal back in the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s (but obviously other countries, as Brazil, Greece and England contributed as well). The Schools have their own features, and they became like a national inheritance for the genre, because it’s like the DNA of each country. And Finnish Black Metal scene still shows many good surprises, as THE TRUE WERWOLF. The album “Devil Crisis” is really a very good release.

The band’s music is in a SWOBM way, or in other words, the same somber and morbid music with that filthy and raw ambiance of the 90’s, when the genre was done for passion and without the excessive professionalism that made many bands loose the sight of what they were doing (in reality, many killed their identity in such way). With very good and aggressive arrangements, but with a darkened feeling that fills the band’s songs, along with that essential raw aggressiveness of the past. It’s really an addictive form of music, indeed.

As anyone could expect, “Devil Crisis” bears a nasty and raw sound quality, in the way many Black Metal albums from 1993-1994 sounded on their time, and it preserves the morbid sonority of those days. Of course that the instrumental tunes suffered a bit for that, but it’s what an Old School band would chose, anyway, to have that precious organic feeling.

The album bears seven songs, all of them with their own dark seductive touch. But the aggressive and darkened moldy ambiance of “My Journeys Under the Battlemoon” (very good guitars), the funereal and charming bitter melodies of “Thy Deviant”, the pile driving rhythm of “Spellbound” (a solid and good work from bass guitar in the vein of the old days) and of “Chi No Namida” (this one shows very good tempo changes), and darkened charming ambiance of “The Witch of My Heart” are sharp arrows that go straight to the Black Metal fans’ hearts.

“Devil Crisis” is really a very good release, and THE TRUE WERWOLF is here to keep the passion of the old flame alive.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. My Journeys Under the Battlemoon
2. Thy Deviant
3. Spellbound
4. Chi No Namida
5. 0373
6. The Witch of My Heart
7. Magick Fire
Werwolf - Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar
Grond - Drums, Percussion (session)
Trollhorn - Keyboards (session)
V-Khaoz - Keyboards (session)
Record Label: Werewolf Records


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