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The Ugly – Decreation

The Ugly
by H.P. Buttcraft at 20 July 2015, 4:04 AM

THE UGLY, from Stockholm, Sweden, is ready to annihilate all life as we know it with their newest release, “Decreation”. THE UGLY are a straightforward, no-frills Black Metal band, fixated on the occult and misanthropic themes. Sounds like fun, right? You bet your ass it is. It’s fun to feel as wicked as the music on “Decreation” sounds sometimes.

Decreation” comes with a couple of really memorable tracks on it. You have got to hand it to THE UGLY for the cutting and vicious lyrics of their song “Cult of Weakness”. There are some pretty bitter and unrestrained words about THE UGLY’s perspective on Christianity. Not to spoil anything for you but they are pretty angry about it, if you couldn’t already tell that from the three-eyed goat’s skull on their album cover.

And if you’re a huge H.P. Lovecraft nerd, like yours truly, you will probably get a big kick out of “Slumber Of The God”. When you hear “Ia! Ia! Ktulhu F’tagn!”, there’s something sinister about hearing it even if it is a tiny bit corny. My impression from “Decreation” was something angry and strong but also sounding like more of a refined and nourished tone. The drums and the guitars are in excellent sync with each other and supplies a honed capability to shred in the name of Satan.

Fans of MARDUK, DARK FORTRESS and DARK FUNERAL should have no problem whatsoever finding something to enjoy about THE UGLY, and that’s assuming they aren’t already familiar with them. Fans of MARDUK especially should take notice of THE UGLY as their drummer shares his talents with MARDUK and are clearly a huge influence on the way this music sounds. You shouldn’t be expecting anything artsy or progressive from THE UGLY because you will be sorely disappointed.

4 Star Rating

1. I Am Death
2. Black Goat
3. Legio Mihi Nomen Est
4. Crawl
5. Cult Of Weakness
6. Slumber Of The God
7. Decreation
8. Nibiru
9. Lögnerna Till Aska
Ingemar Gustafson – Vocals
Johan Eriksson – Guitars
Joakim Antman – Bass
Fredrik Widigs – Drums
Per Rinaldo – Guitars
Record Label: Vicisolum Records


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