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The Unchaining - Ithilien

The Unchaining
by Mike Coyle at 26 June 2015, 11:29 AM

In its own right this record has some twists and turns that send the mind wondering as to where it will take you, taking elements from darker forms of music and placed within a progressive shell. THE UNCHAINING have created a record that embodies the best of what they can do as a whole.

“The Thousand Caves”:
From the start we expected something different and in its own way that is what we have been given ladies and gentlemen, though not as heavy as the rest of the record we see that the band have opened with a strange form of progressive formation of tones and ideas, I would say that it does drag on but at the same time the track kind of leads you towards the unexpected which is always something to admire as it sends the listener into a false sense of security with tones and images in the mind that lead forward ahead.

“The Eyes Of The Forest”:
The track itself is epic to the point, it is a Black Metal song with so many ideas placed inside that it literally speaks as a chant of the mind and the soul as one, it is a build up in every riff toward what can only be described as a heavy harmony of medieval sounds and structures to which lead towards a bigger and more epic tone of creativity, I feel to the band that they have been able to take some inspiration from the mighty SUMMONING when it came down to the songs sound and the songs texture, it is even ad it flows quite well in so many ways that we see that every bit done creates a saga of ideas and brings the mind closer to something bigger.

“Through The Wild Lands”:
Compared to the previous songs this tune pens with a distinct classic melody that leads the mind into a whole new level of power. From the way the song is structured we see the band take a more traditional y of creating this song and molding it to a point here yes it does follow in the same formula but takes a different approach to how it is being played, in many ways we see the band take ideas from powerful spell like chants and huge tones that bring thunderous rage unto us. The song is very well structured in place of guitars, bass and drums as well as the melodic and gentle vocals that overlap the song ad create a huge and detailed journey into the creator's mind.

From first look we see the band start with a slow and harmonised opening which then leads to this wall of sound coming off of the guitars and drums, together the items of music create a well made and intimidating force which, for me, is making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just. There is something different from this one song that really stirs the mind and really works through the thoughts of the listener and sends the mind through some incredible visions and areas of the very mind that in my opinion are not all used at the same time. To be honest it blends classic melody with huge tones and morphs the very thought of the listener.

“Towards Ithilien”:
Soft gentle and in its own way eerie, the song opens with these very elements with the pitter-patter of drums playing in the back, from this we see that a sweep of guitar tones come through making this song dark but light in the fact that it takes the ideas of the other tracks together in a whole by both tone and the quality of the sound that we have before us, I feel that with how this song is going that it lasts as long as the mind wants it to as though it drags on it drags on in a good way showing that it can still be interesting without getting boring and it shows that the band have thought out how this song would go in its whole.

A journey and a voyage across the very mind and soul, a place to where fog is forming and no one can be seen, the idea of this record shows that the idea of melody and creative flow are one and the same when it comes to this record's form and beauty.

5 Star Rating

1. The Thousand Caves
2. The Eyes Of The Forest
3. Fires Upon The Peaks
4. Through The Wild Lands
5. Defending The Citadel
6. Dawn
7. Towards Ithilien
No Information Available
Record Label: Behemoth Productions


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