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The Unity - The Unity Award winner

The Unity
The Unity
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 17 June 2017, 10:22 AM

After the evidence, some Metal genres seem to become sterile, with only a few bands left. But it’s a consequence, because after the trend is over, only those who love to make and play that format of Metal will stay. This the case of bands as the German sextet THE UNITY, a fine and great band with two members of GAMMA RAY (the guitarist Henjo and the drummer Michael), and their first full-length, called “The Unity”, is at hands. If you’re waiting for something similar to GAMMA RAY, sorry, but you won’t find it here. The band has another focus, with an insight in direction of something more classic in terms of Power Metal. As well, their songs have some musical catching and accessible influences, maybe something coming from Classic Rock/AOR. And their music is really lovely, intense and charming in every detail.

“The Unity” was produced by the band itself, recorded mostly at Ehré’s own B Castle   Studio, and it was mixed and mastered by Miquel A. Riutort at the Psychosomatic Recording Studio.   The result is a clean, heavy and almost perfect sound quality, what they need to show their musical work in the best way. The melodies, musical accessibility and weight are in a perfect balance in all the songs. The artwork for the cover is a creation of Alexander Mertsch (who has worked previously for DEEP PURPLE, GAMMA RAY, STATUS QUO and EUROPE), is truly amazing, giving the right embodiment for the band’s musical work.

Great guitar riffs and solos, elegant keyboards parts, a solid and heavy rhythmic session, great choruses, melodic and excellent vocals, good refrains, and besides “The Unity” can’t be said as a new musical style, it’s honest and wonderful, pulsing with energy and identity. Best shots: the beautiful melodic lines and fine chorus of “Rise and Fall” (excellent backing vocals in the right places, and great vocals work), the heavier and with a more aggressive orientation on guitar riffs energy of “No More Lies” and on “Firesign” (both with a very good work from bass guitar and drums, and wonderful choruses), the accessible and almost Hard Rock “Close to Crazy”, the fine melodies of guitars and vocals shown on “The Wishing Well” and its contrasts of introspective and melodic moments, the Classic Rock insight used to build “Edens Fall” (pay attention on the bluesy influences on the guitars), and the heavy and melodic dose of weight shown on “Never Forget”. But the entire album is excellent.

Listen to “The Unity” and become one with their fine work!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Rise and Fall
2. No More Lies
3. God of Temptation
4. Firesign
5. Always Just You
6. Close to Crazy
7. The Wishing Well
8. Edens Fall
9. Redeemer
10. Super Distortion
11. Killer Instinct
12. Never Forget
Gianba Manenti - Vocals
Henjo Richter - Guitars
Stef E. - Guitars
Jogi Sweers - Bass
Sascha Onnen - Keyboards
Michael Ehre - Drums
Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer


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