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The Universe By Ear – The Universe By Ear

The Universe By Ear
The Universe By Ear
by Jess at 31 May 2017, 10:08 AM

As their name predicts, the reason for THE UNIVERSE BY EAR is to explore the universe, with your ears. THE UNIVERSE BY EAR was born in 2015 in Switzerland. They released their debut self-titled album in late March of 2017. This album comes in with nine tracks and a listening time of just over 45 minutes.

The opening track, “Seven Pounds”, comes in softly with a light drum and guitar. Then enters the bass, keeping it oh so low. There is a hard-core Bluesy tone with a Southern Rock-esque feel. The vocals are clean and sound almost psychedelic. There is a long interim in the middle of this eight minute beauty. It is showing off a little Jazz influenced drum and an almost Alternative guitar mixed with the bass of a Blues track. “Seven Pounds” is such an interesting track to be hold.

Repeat Until Muscle Failure”, track two at just 2:57, had me feeling like the track was so much longer. After coming of the sort of high track one puts on you, this track was a bit of a letdown. There just wasn’t the same fondling in this one and the production was off.

Track three, “Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully)”, brings back an interesting bass line along with a groovy guitar. The drums are laid back and Blues like. The vocals are light and flowy and add to the already psychedelic feel. In this six minute track, there are almost not vocals, and those that are, are intertwined deeply into the feeling of the track, only enhancing the overall emotion. This track glides flawlessly into “Dead End Town”, track four. This track emanates Blues. Mix that with kaleidoscopic feelings, you have an easy, mind expanding listen.

High On The Hynek Scale”, track seven, is a more alternative take on a hallucinogen track. The bass is heavy and keeps the tone of this track more subdued throughout. This track takes the stoner level up a few notches, and not surprisingly so.

The final track, “Dead Again” makes me think of BEATLES. I mean, there is a bit of this throughout the album’s entirety, but this tiny 1:26 track is full of BEATLE-eque tones. “Dead Again” wraps this album up nicely with a tricky lyrical vs music battle.

The genre Psychedelic Prog-Blues was something off the wall to me, until I heard this album. This is that, and that this is. What a musical ride “The Universe By Ear” provides. THE UNIVERSE BY EAR, is at the very least something to check-out if you’re into a more laidback, psychedelic feel. The music is wild, the creativity is definitely something to appreciate, but the production is lacking. Overall, the album is fun and light and could probably help create your own personal inner world.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Seven Pounds
2. Repeat Until Muscle Failure
3. Slam Your Head Against The Wall (Carefully)
4. Dead End Town
5. Idaho
6. Make It Look Like An Accident
7. High On The Hynek Scale
8. Ocean / Cloud / Prism
9. Dead Again
Beni Bürgin - Drums
Pascal Grünenfelder - Bass
Stefan Strittmatter - Vocals and Guitars
Record Label: Czar of Crickets


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