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The Very End - Turn Off The World

The Very End
Turn Off The World
by YngwieViking at 03 January 2013, 10:54 AM

This is a quite an unusual band. Based in Essen, Northern Westfalen, Germany, they managed to create something unique by mixing, with a big success, some antagonistic stylistic elements like Bay-Area Thrash riffing / Gottenburg melodic Death Metal, chorus and traditional Germanic heavy tempos with some modern loops. Their second album "Mercy And Misery" was a big surprise for me, it even reached a high place in my 2011 ranking (N°21) and now it stands proudly alongside MERCENARY or ENGEL in my mighty collection… It also turns me to their debut CD "Vs Life" which is also an album that is being revealed well crafted, nicely robust, keen and sharp.

So, I was very impatient to taste the new opus, the wait seems quite long, but I was quickly at ease with those songs pretty much in the same vein as their previous works,  but with still one or two unexpected amazement, hidden somewhere, so as to spice up their whole musical 2012 keepsake. Don't count on me to screw up the surprise fix. This time THE VERY END also pushed a little bit more groovy parts, synthetic layers and even some slight Metalcore melodic stints but without losing the straightness of the traditional guitars / bass / drums powerful amalgam.

The art cover, as usual displayed the same somber black & white imagery. The band hired the same technical studio of the same pair comprised of famous Waldemar Sorychta (ex-DESPAIR ex-GRIP INC. ex-ENEMY OF THE SUN) & Dennis Koehne who worked on their 2011 release. So it seems that nothing changed. But in fact the line-up was somewhat overhauled with a brand new guitar player and a drummer / basher from ENEMY OF THE SUN but the band still sounds perfectly oiled, ultra tight and rigorous.

The vocals provided by Björn Gooßes  (ex-NIGHT IN GALES) are perfect: vigorous and always particularly eclectic, with even some of the greatest tracks like "Maelstrom Calling" or "To Feed On Dope" that only features clean voice. A fact that can attract some less underground audience toward THE VERY END. Another good selling point is the additional guest vocals-cameo by Swedish LG Petrov from ENTOMBED on one of the most smashing track enhanced with a great chorus "The Black Fix", a song with a good potential hit single capacity.

Only tiny rebuke it's maybe the dynamic intensity which is set at eleven. It gives at the end of the record a strange feeling of too much density. I told you that it was a tiny reproach. To close this short review, I will recommend this hot title to those who need some harshness & modernity in their Heavy Metal or to the Thrashers that want to expand their Metallic spectrum, and even grow a little.

4 Star Rating

1. Splinters
2. Iron Sky
3. Infidel
4. The Black Fix
5. Maelstrom Calling
6. Sixes and Nines
7. The Last Mile
8. Dreadnought
9. Gravity
10. Orphans of Emptiness
11. To Feed on Hope  
René Bogdanski- LeadGuitars
Alex Bartkowski  - Lead Guitar
Björn Gooßes  - Lead Vocals
Marc Beste  - Bass
Daniel Zeman  - Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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