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The Vision Ablaze - Embers Award winner

The Vision Ablaze
by Kevin Lewis at 06 June 2022, 3:19 PM

THE VISION ABLAZE is a four-piece Modern Metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2010. Embers is a long-awaited release, taking seven years to create. Lineup changes and global pandemics caused delays, but the result is a new album that is carefully and lovingly crafted, and it shows. Fusing Nu, Modern, Sludge and more, this is a record that covers a lot of territory. Embers issued on May 6, 2022, via Prime Collective Records.

The title track is first. “Embers” gives me a serious SEVENDUST vibe with both the riff and the rhythm at the start. I catch pieces of VOLBEAT in sections. This just makes my heart happy. The music is original and creative, so there is no “oh my God, they copied” feeling to it. You can just hear the influences and you know the band has excellent taste in music.

Spiral” is a killer track that starts with a chunky riff that drops out and leaves the bass holding the pattern before everything kicks back in and the vocals come in harsh and heavy. The shift from harsh to clean is seamless and precise. The cleans are really nice and clear, the growls are deep and reverberate nicely. The rhythm is frenetic and heavy, the riff is rapid-fire and the lead work is intricate. THE VISION ABLAZE got this song done right, hitting all the wickets properly.

For a bit of a throwback, “Turmoil Flame” feels like an older song, maybe mid-2000s. Not even sure why I think that, just a feeling that washes over me when I hear it. The rhythm is catchy as hell. Again, the guitar work is spectacular. The drums are fantastic, changing speeds and pattern with nary a hitch, setting the tempo with an expertise borne of both talent and practice. This is the song I would lead the show off with, knowing it would get the crowd jumping right from the start.

Forever Haunted” has a sludgy intro, especially with those delicate piano tones under the guitars. The tuning and tones are definitely haunted, invoking a dark, dreary sound. The vocals are mournful and at times, incredibly sad. This is a moving song that needs to be played live as well, but more towards the end, giving the crowd that break they need to rest before the brutal, heavy final track.

Getting back to brutal and heavy, “Violent Path” has a killer rhythm. Those little variations in drumbeats are so well-placed, they really make this song more complex and, for me, attractive. I love how they do those little changes without trying to go full progressive metal. They add more of a power metal element, adding some additional complexity and attitude to the composition.

Revolution” is the ballad. Gentle, with a beautiful melody, the vocals accentuate the heaviness of the lyrics without making you miss the heaviness of the guitars. I love how they wait until almost the end to bring in the drums. They stay true to the song all the way through, letting it build at the natural pace, not trying to force something into existence that just does not feel right.

THE VISION ABLAZE took a long time to put this record out, but the end product is more than worth the wait. They got this one right. There are no wasted moments or failed experiments on this disc. This record has one killer song after another. The flow of the album is wonderful, and the tempo really works. Congratulations on a job well done!

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Embers
2. Star Born
3. Spiral
4. Medicated Moments
5. Turmoil Flame
6. Forever Haunted
7. Edge of Existence
8. Water
9. Violent Path
10. Revolution
Tim Nederveen – Vocals
Lars Lerager – Bass
Christian Lilliedal – Drums
Marcus Groenbech – Guitar
Record Label: Prime Collective


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