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The Voices - If Nightmares Could Sing

The Voices
If Nightmares Could Sing
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 February 2020, 8:54 AM

From their Facebook page, “THE VOICES” is an experimental music project hard to describe: it's some kind of Experimental A Cappella music that aims to create some atmospheres near to Avant-Garde or Metal with some Psychedelic influences. Themes may vary widely: dreams, inner thoughts and struggles, madness, grotesque, nonsense, love, relationships, fears philosophy… are just some of the themes. Everything is set in our mind, being it dreaming or awake.” This is their third album, and contains twelve tracks.

“Prison of Fear” leads off the album. Odd, weird notes come forth. Some spoken word, and some moans in the background, along with some harsh vocals. What a strange opening track this is. It segues into “Anxiety’s Mantra.” Harrowing vocals with background chanting is what can he heard. I’m not even sure what to call this. “Anxiety’s growing, and growing inside” is repeated over and over. “Sweet Illusion” has a patterned rhythmic structure, where he talks about happiness being a sweet illusion. At the end, he utters “are you happy now, dear? The Fuck I am!”

“Soulless” opens with multiple voices each doing their own thing. He croons “I don’t know who I am no more…I have been deprived of my very soul.” Some drums and I believe kazoo come into play here as well. “…While you can” is more hateful in nature, with harsh vocals for the most part. The lyrics read “eat and shit while you can…extinction is coming. “To Nowhere and Back” contains no vocals…it’s just an under-two-minute song with wails and various vocal techniques displayed. “March of Slaves” has some very guttural vocals to go along with some background chanting. “Crush the infidel. Burn him! Crush him before he an escape” is the final lyrics in the song. “Abyss of Hate” opens with some odd vocals that chant and echo. The hateful edge is all but gone, as he sings “turn around and escape from the abyss…never come back to this place.”

“What I Hate” opens with the lyric line “I hate myself, as I hate everyone else,” and ends with “I don’t hate myself, how I hate everyone else.” It has an odd rhythmic feeling to it and the various vocal techniques are impressive. “Far Away” talks about how he needs more time to run away. The spoken words are delivered with an edge to them. “(They Say) I’m Insane” speaks of the voices inside his head compelling him what to do. “Let’s not Pretend” talks about the extinction of mankind. “Look…the stars are shining…we’re finally dead” he says. It’s quite difficult to rate this album, as I’m not even sure it’s metal and with no instrumentation it relies solely on varied vocal techniques, which are impressive, but I’m just unsure who this would appeal to.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Prison of Fear
2. Anxiety’s Mantra
3. Sweet Illusion
4. Soulless
5. …While you can
6. To Nowhere and Back
7. March of Slaves
8. Abyss of Hate
9. What I Hate
10. Far Away
11. (They Say) I’m Insane
12. Let’s not Pretend
Paolo Ferrante – Vocals and Lyrics
Record Label: Masked Dead Records


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