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The Wakedead Gathering - Parallaxiom

The Wakedead Gathering
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 September 2022, 11:00 AM

At its beginning, Death Metal had a strong influence of acts as BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST and MOTÖRHEAD (these influences were there due the lack of referential frame for the bands, and these three names are the tripod of all Metal genres one can think of as well), what made things have deeper musical hooks. And maybe this is the reason for many bands trying to sound as classic Death Metal as they can. And the work of the North American one man band THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING is in this way, as can be heard on “Parallaxiom”.

One can check that the band’s musical approach is rooted on Death Metal models between the First Wave and the Second one of the genre, inheriting influences of DEATH, POSSESSED, MASTER, CANNIBAL CORPSE and others in such way. It’s not bad at all, bears tons of aggressiveness and weight, and some very good ideas can be heard, but there are moments when things seems a bit ‘plastered’, as something was missed, something that could define better what the band really is. What these words mean: the album’s content is very good, but lacks a strong personality in some moments.

Andrew Lampe did the mixing and mastering as well. And he built a sonority that can be traced to the early Death Metal works done by the hands of Scott Burns on Morrisound studios. It’s that combination between the brutal and raw approach of the genre, but with things defined (for the sake of the fans’ understanding). It’s a very good work (but some instrumental tunes could be better, especially on the drums).

Primordially using slower tempos, the songs are filled with very good ideas, and some songs really will have a strong appeal for Death Metal fans. Songs as “Recessive Society” (the are good rhythmic contrasts in this one, fed by a good work of bass guitar and drums, and “Show No Mercy” guitars arrangements in some moments), the Death Metal hooks presented on “Sentenced at Birth” (the guitars are creating some very good riffs and arrangements, indeed), the horror-like feeling that fills “Lab 333” (the contrasts between guttural tunes and harsh creamed ones are a good feature heard on this one), “Empirical Flesh” (another very good moment on bass guitar and drums), and the funereal “Nervous System” will become favorite ones for Death Metal addicted fans, but once more: the band needs to express their musical work on a more personal way in the future.

“Parallaxiom” isn’t a bad album, but THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING has enough potential to make things even better.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Recessive Society
3. The High Court of Biological Disposition
4. Sentenced at Birth
5. Lab 333
6. Empirical Flesh
7. Sequence 13
8. Adaptive Mutation
9. Nervous System
10. The Fates
Andrew Lampe - All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: I,Voidhanger Records


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Edited 29 March 2023

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