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The Wandering Midget - From The Meadows of Opium Dreams Award winner

The Wandering Midget
From The Meadows of Opium Dreams
by Spyros Stasis at 14 February 2013, 11:49 AM

Doom Metal fans, this one is for you. It is pretty clear that the newer wave of doom metal bands is unquestionably of high quality. Bands like FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR, PALLBEARER, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE, RITUALS OF THE OAK and HOUR OF 13 have been releasing top quality work the last few years. THE WANDERING MIDGET are no newbies here either, with two demo releases (can be found together in the “I Am The Gate” compilation) and one debut album “The Serpent Coven” (released in 2008) they have shown as that they are quite serious about what they are doing.

And with their latest album “From The Meadows of Opium Dreams” they once again bring down tons of heavy music upon our ears. Comprising of four songs, three of them are quite long; the band still holds its ground to the doom metal scene with the obvious SABBATH-ian influences to their sound.

Opener song, “Prince of Fire” is probably the most easily accessible, firstly because of its shorter duration (about five and a half minutes), is quite direct and catchy and will be stuck in your head from the first time you listen to it. But then the true horror begins with the monumental “Temples in The Sky” (spans for about twenty minutes), with its great built, big sounding vocals, heavy guitars and almost ritualistic quality, it is probably the highlight of the album. THE WANDERING MIDGET does not stop there though, but offers another two songs of equal quality, with the slightly more trippy and ceremonial-like “Follow The Forest Lights” and then with the “soaked” in early CELTIC FROST influences (it even includes a fucking deathgrunt, the way Tom G. Fischer used to do it), the second track of the album “She-Wolf”, being more aggressive and upbeat in general and the outro of that song is fucking monumental.

The band from Finland reaches its peak with this release; the comparisons with fellow Finnish band REVEREND BIZARRE are probably unavoidable. But in the end of the day if you are a traditional old school Doom Metal fan then “From The Meadows of Opium Dreams” is the album for you. Do not miss it, you will be sorry…

4 Star Rating

1. Prince of Fire
2. Temples in The Sky
3. She-Wolf
4. Follow The Forest Lights
Thomas Grenier - Bass
Jonathan Sprenger - Drums
Samuel Wormius – Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Eyes Like Snow


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