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The Way – Frequency Of Spirit Award winner

The Way
Frequency Of Spirit
by Caio Botrel at 10 December 2019, 10:50 PM

THE WAY is a three-man band formed in the United States of America, but despite the fact that it has only three members, it sounds like it has much more musicians. This album "Frequency Of Spirit" is a reissue from the original that was released in 2005 and it has some really special guests from established bands and that's what we are going to talk about now.

The opening song from the album is "What Do You Want From A Man" it starts out in a direct way with a fast drum, guitars and the vocals. I liked how the chorus melodies sounds and the vocal lines are catchy as well. It kind of reminded me of MR.BIG. "Alright People" has a little bit of funky vibe and I think that it's really cool. It's a funny song and the vocal work such as the backing vocals are really good. "Lost Among The Leaves" is all about the great Hard Rock ballads and I liked how the melodies were played here. The acoustic guitars sound really sweet and the vocals fits perfectly the instrumental. This song has a very good vibe.

"Soul, Earth, Sky" starts out differently from the previous songs as it has a darker intro, some different guitar sounds and a cool percussion that reminded me of something tribal. This song has a more progressive vibe and it has a cool ambiance. It even reminded me of PORCUPINE TREE. "Just The Thought Of You" starts with a cool clean guitar sound followed by the vocals. There's some cool bass arrangements and it's a kind of a heavy ballad and I really liked how it sounds. "Mercy" starts with a cool acoustic guitar sound and a nice keyboard playing that is soon followed by some cool guitar riffs and a nice percussion. That's a different song and it has a totally different ambiance from the previous ones. "Mona Lisa Smiles" is a heavier song and I wasn't expecting that. It has nice guitar riffs and keyboard sounds over here. It's a more cheerful song and I think that it was a great fit for the album. "Waited For Me", "Where Do You Go" and "If" has a cool vibe and follows the same recipe from the previous songs, with nothing new or different on it.

"Changes" has this ballad feeling and a great use of the acoustic guitar strings mixed up with the electric guitar sounds. I liked how the drums sounds here and the keys has tis 70's vibe. "Isn't That Great" is indeed great and I liked how the guitar riffs and piano sounded here. It's a cool song. "I Don't Want You" and "New World" are good songs and that's all I can say from that. "Light In Your Eyes" is the song that closes the album and it has a good guitar sound here and it sounds more unique and inspired than the previous ones. The chorus is catchy and this song is totally 80's style of sound and has an inspiring guitar solo.

THE WAY has written and released a great album, but I think that fifteen songs are too much and it might get boring after a while. The production was really tight and great, the instruments were really well played, the vocals are great and the songs are cool. I just think that sometimes it didn't sound truly inspired, but it's a good album anyway.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. What Do You Want From A Man
2. Alright People
3. Lost Among The Leaves
4. Soul, Earth, Sky
5. Just The Thought Of You
6. Mercy
7. Mona Lisa Smiles
8. Waited For Me
9. Where Do You Go
10. If
11. Changes
12. Isn’t That Great
13. I Don’t Want You
14. New World
15. Light In Your Eyes
Russel Arcara – Vocals
Stephen DeAcutis – Guitars
Charlie Calv – Keyboards


Nir Z – Drums
Billy Orrico – Drums
Dave Halpern – Drums
Joe Lynn Turner – Backing Vocals
Record Label: Deko Entertainment


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