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The Way Of Purity - Biteback

The Way Of Purity
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 April 2012, 2:10 PM

Have I just come over a sort of political juncture that influence on protecting wild life or is it a secret organization holding a terrible clandestine? The story of this group from nowhere, meaning that there not even a shred of information regarding their home country, origins or even their true names. Over the years I had a little running with another band of the same, NO REMORSE NO RETREAT, but at least I knew they were from England and that their intentions were to express the might of the Vikings along with ancient lore. When it came to THE WAY OF PURITY, signed to WormHoleDeath Records, it is and probably will remain a total mystery. “Biteback”, an understandable expression by the band according to their wacky story, is the title of their new EP, which also serves as a promo to the upcoming release, and second album, of “Equate”.

With the three tracks on display I sensed a full scale war and total aggressive nature, animal like I might add, in the regions of modern Death and Black Metal. Here and there were a few melodies channeled by strong guitar octaves, licks and a great touch of keyboards. “Keep Dreaming” sounded to me like an impressive song, it punched hard with a great sweeping rhythm, strong riffing patched by grooves and with its short length hit straight to the point without unnecessary nonsense. “Eternal Damnation To René Descartes” seemed a little disoriented at first, especially with the lead guitar lick on display. I liked the atmospheric keyboards and following melodic riffing, which were a great supplement, yet for some reason I haven’t seen anything too amazing in the general output. Sometimes I even felt as if everything was too plastic what a little bit of rawness could fix. “Reverse The Time” stroke hard with a Black Metal attack that ended up, after a short period of time, converging into a hard hitting Metalcore like riffing. I have to admit that I didn’t quite like this song as most of it sounds recycled and too mechanical for my taste. THE WAY OF PURITY has their outbursts of grinding blast beats, yet it wasn’t enough for rooting out the moldiness of the song.

Politics or not, mystery or not, this is still an extreme Metal band that has something to it. I hope that their new album, “Equate”, will share additional dimensions of what this band has the ability to do.      

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1. Keep Dreaming
2. Eternal Damnation To René Descartes
3. Reverse The Time 
XTnSX- Vocals
Deathwish- Guitars / Keyboards
Withoutname- Bass
Wallofdeath- Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Records


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