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The Wild! - Wild At Heart

The Wild!
Wild At Heart
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 July 2017, 2:13 PM

From British Columbia, Canada, comes the quartet THE WILD!, a Hard Rock band that is self-described as “driven by long, hard nights, the love of playing music, rural roots, and a no-bullshit mentality, THE WILD! play the soundtrack for freedom seeking renegades & real deal rock’n’rollers alike.” “Wild at Heart” is their new album being presented here, and contains ten tracks. Good Rock ‘N Roll never died, despite what some cynical critics would have you believe. It’s just a little harder to find these days, with the medium of radio really being no longer relevant. How do Dylan and the gang stack up on this new release? Let’s get to some of the songs to find out.

“Ready to Roll” leads off the album, with a raucous, down and dirty riff. Dylan’s vocals remind me at times of the great Bon Scott, with that signature snarl and attitude…perfect for this kind of music. You can hear the fun and positive vibes they exude from their songwriting. “White Devil” is steeped in the blues tradition, and that opening guitar riff could be being played by an unknown blues man on his porch in the sunny south. Dylan delivers a great vocal performance here and the rhythm section holds down a supporting role. “Another Bottle” is an angst filled number with an easy listening riff and good background vocals that echo the sound. “Best in the West” has a lot of energy and a flowing guitar solo in line with the melody. I can visualize seeing this song performed live and how you could feed off it.

“Rattlesnake Shake” has a galloping rhythm fed by a fast-picked guitar riff and hasty vocal lines. It’s another song with great energy and a hard-driving sound. “Run Home” has a softer, sweeter sound, where most of the message comes from the lyrics as opposed to the music. The background vocals make a nice stamp however. “Kansas City Shuffle” closes the album, with some renewed vigor and a pace that you can either tap your foot or shake your head to. Overall, this is an honest album from a group of musicians who want to keep alive the days when music was just fun to listen to, and just made you feel good. It’s straightforward, easy to listen to Hard Rock with a snarly edge of attitude. It isn’t anything overly original but that’s not the point anyway, and there was an endearing quality to the catchiness of the tracks. If you watch the video posted here below, I think it’s easy to see.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Ready to Roll
2. Livin’ Free
3. White Devil
4. Another Bottle
5. Best in the West
6. Six Hundred Sixty Six
7. Rattlesnake Shake
8. Run Home
9. Down at the Bottom
10. Kansas City Shuffle
Dylan Villain - Lead guitar & Vocals
The Kid - Rhythm Guitar
Lucas 'Boozus' - Bass & Vocals
Reese Lightning – Drums
Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer Records


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