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The Wolf Garden – Woven of Serpent’s Spines Award winner

The Wolf Garden
Woven of Serpent’s Spines
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 27 January 2022, 11:16 PM

The debut full-length album from England's THE WOLF GARDEN, "Woven of Serpent's Spines" follows the story of one soul's prophecy foretold, journeyed, and concluded at an end that cannot be undone. The album weaves together contemporary Atmospheric Black Metal and old Norse tales, directly continuing on from 2018's first EP, "The Yawning Abyss". The album contains five tracks.

“The Flood (Seeress)” opens the album. It begins with soft, calm tones and a feeling of serenity. A dark riff kicks in, along with a scream. The vocals are intense and spine-chilling, while the music is solemn and pensive. Though this is billed as Black Metal, I also hear a good deal of Doom Metal elements at times. After the half-way mark, it retreats to the earlier tones of charming melodies. Picking back up with fervor and strength, the darkness spreads quickly and threatens to consume you. The final minutes are gut-wrenching. “Another Crows Beneath the Earth” begins with a slightly faster riff. Drums roll forward with thunderous earth-pummeling beats as the solemn melodies develop amidst the horrid vocals. Spoken words come in close to the half-way mark followed by another desperate passage of harsh vocals. It retreats once again, allowing the charm of the quiet to slip in before it finishes once more on harsh tones.

“Quietude” is a short, two-minute pause of melancholy tones that remind me of an endless succession of overcast days, where the grey skies settle in, and your pent-up despair eventually turns to anger. “The Silence Between the Stars” opens with a galloping rhythm in the guitars and drums. It moves forward with hatred and sorrow, in equal doses. When you think about it, the silence between the stars is light years of space that is either dead quiet or full of the sounds of the universe…no one really knows for sure. Towards the end, the solemn tones are magnified with a feeling so grandiose that you suddenly realize your insignificance in life. “The Drought (Weavess)” closes the album. It begins with clean, doleful guitars over a backdrop of melancholy stone. A harsh riff kicks in and beguiles you to buckle up for what is to come. It falls to bass notes about a third of the way in, with some wonderful background ambiance. Picking back up, the hateful and despondent tones continue to a fade-out with a parting scream.

This was a fantastic album that near-flawlessly combines the sheer vile hatred of Black Metal with the strength and power of Doom Metal. The compositions are as pretty as they are dark and stormy. The music is very well developed with obviously seasoned techniques and careful consideration to allow the sound to be expansive and far-reaching. At the end of the listening experience, you feel small and insignificant when you consider the totality of the universe and all that lies within. Kick back and get lost in this album, and let it take you on ride to the end of all.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Flood (Seeress)
2. Another Crows Beneath the Earth
3. Quietude
4. The Silence Between the Stars
5. The Drought (Weavess)
Omnio – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Valtiel – Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Naturmacht Productions


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Edited 31 May 2023

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