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The World Without Us - Incarnate

The World Without Us
by Joe Hausmann at 13 November 2019, 12:24 AM

THE WORLD WITHOUT US formed in 2016 out of the small bustling city of West Chester Pennsylvania. Writing music for the past three years, this five-piece Progressive / Melodic Metal group has released their first EP “Incarnate” with the help of TribeSound Records. This four track EP shows the diversity of THE WORLD WITHOUT US. From high vocal ranges to melodic soundscapes to brutal riffs, “Incarnate” has a little bit of everything for the avid metal fan.

“Listen In Obsidian” gives us the first sounds from this group as the opening track on “Incarnate”. This song begins with a calm, relaxing guitar melody that gives us almost a soundscape experience. The track continues to build momentum as more instruments and vocals are layered upon the base melody. The vocal work at the beginning of the song are clean, clear, and fit well with the melody. “Man-Sized Hail” shows off the grittiness of THE WORLD WITHOUT US. This track begins with a blistering riff that is found throughout the song. This song also uses a lower quality distortion that is found in older styles of Metal. Adding the eviscerating vocal work, it really brings an interesting depth to the band. The riffs throughout the track are very discordant and gives it a chaotic feel. “Things To Tell The Press” gives us an almost Nu-Metal groove reminiscent of the early 2000s. The instrumentals are on a constant wave of highs and lows while the vocals stick to the medium range. The track is fast paced and heavy and only slows down for the guitar solo in the middle. “I Am The Mist” is a collection of descending riffs layered under the screaming vocals. Clean vocals make another strong appearance throughout this track. The song breaks down towards the middle into a grove laden throw down before building back up to the descending riffs.

THE WORLD WITHOUT US brings us an interesting EP with “Incarnate”. The clean vocals in this production are the strong point by far in this EP. The instrumental work is solid as well. For their first release, I do believe this is a solid effort by the band. There is some minor tweaking to the production quality that needs work. The drums do need to be more prominent as they are overpowered by the guitars. From what I could hear, the drum work is solid. THE WORLD WITHOUT US does have a vast variety of influences that can be heard throughout “incarnate” and that does offer us an interesting take on what sound this band is going to produce throughout their career. This band is new and trying to find their footing in the Metal community so it will take time for them to solidify the sound that they are looking for, but I do believe they are on a good path to craft that sound.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 5


3 Star Rating

1. Listen In Obsidian
2. Man-Sized Hail
3. Things To Tell The Press
4. I Am The Mist
Chris Fenimore - Lead Guitar
Mario Canavarro - Vocals
James Sundwall - Rhythm Guitar
Peter Baliira - Bass
Steve Campbell - Drums
Record Label: TribeSound Records


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