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The Zekilibrados – End Of Technology

The Zekilibrados
End Of Technology
by Caio Botrel at 07 January 2020, 9:45 PM

THE ZEKILIBRADOS is a Brazilian Hard N' Heavy band that mix up some good influences to create their own sound. These guys have recently released their newest album titled "End Of Technology" and that's what we are going to talk about.

The opening song from the album is the title track "End Of Technology" and it starts out with a cool introduction warning of some enemy and planets. There's a kind of IRON MAIDEN guitar riff and the song is cool, but it's too repetitive and it gets boring after a while. "Runaway" has a cool guitar riff and even though the vocals are good and even reminded me the tone of ANDRE MATOS, I believe that there's something missing here. It could be more powerful because it has a lot of potential. "Free In A Prison Cell" starts out with a cool guitar riff that reminded me of MR.BIG in a way. I liked how they added up some Brazilian percussion instruments here, it gave the song a different ambiance and dynamic as well.

"A Brand New Start" starts out with a cool guitar riff and some backing vocals. There's a great melody from the vocals here, but I still say that after a while it gets boring. "Telescopic Eyes" starts out with a cool drumming and there's a groovy guitar riff. There's a nice part where the guitar is the main focus and they wrote great melodies. "She And Him" has a cool keyboard and nice guitar melodies. It even felt a little jazzy at some points. "The Unexplained" starts out with a cool groovy guitar riff that has a lot of power. I think that the vocals could have been more aggressive here as it would fit better the instrumental. "2087" is a fast song and it even has a kind of Brazilian Rock bands from the 2000's vibe. By far its one of the best and cool songs here.

"All The Things That Went Wrong", "Saturn's Ring" and "Weekend Nights" are cool songs, but it feels just the same and there's no difference in the vocals. They are good, but there's no variety and that's tiresome. "Virtual Intolerance" reminded me of DR.SIN and there's cool guitar riff. There's some cool guitar solo here and I liked how the guy tried some different effects.

The song that closes the album is "Questions (2537)" and it's a little bit different from the previous songs. I liked how the bass lines sounds here and also the mix between the clean and distorted guitar riffs.

THE ZEKILIBRADOS has written and released a good album, but there's a few points that I would like to mention. The vocals are really good, but they get tedious after a while, since they don't sound at least a little bit different. It's on the same tone all the time. The instrumental was really well written and executed and the production was really tight. I believe that they have a lot of potential, they should just work more on improving and maybe experimenting some different stuff.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. End Of Technology
2. Runaway
3. Free In A Prison Cell
4. A Brand New Start
5. Telescopic Eyes
6. She And Him
7. The Unexplained
8. 2087
9. All The Things That Went Wrong
10. Saturn’s Rings
11. Weekend Nights
12. Virtual Intolerance
13. Questions (2537)
Abilio Abreu – Vocals, bass and keyboards
Rubens Schwarzbach Jr. – Guitars
Maurício Ramos Marques – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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