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The Accused - The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead (CD)

The Accused
The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead
by Yiannis Doukas at 18 December 2009, 2:08 PM

Did you know that they were still alive? It looks like centuries ago when they released The Return Of…Martha Splatterhead which gained a good feedback. Besides this, it was the first Earache release but except this historical thing that debut was pretty cool.
Anyway, THE ACCUSED started in the very beginning of the 80s and in 1983 they released their first vinyl as a split with REJECTORS and played a simple but good punk (it's their album that meets more frequently my stereo although this tape right now seems totally destroyed) style. Time passed by and their music moved more into crossover paths, keeping equal distance from punk, hardcore and Metal. Except this their lyrics started having a horror concept (based upon cult films and directors) with a parallel creation of their great mascot, which is no other than the mighty and sweet Martha. Since 1993 they unleashed five full-lengths and some EPs and the band had some success especially in U.S.A. Don't expect something bombastic that will change your life but in general lines all their albums are worth a listen.
I think it was around 2002 when they woke up from their lethargy and three years later released Oh Martha!, with a TANK-ish cover inside. This year they return with Southern Lord by their side and The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead will be bestowed upon us. Yes, Martha is here to take revenge and your heads of course, doing it perfectly once again. The band is keeping the musical style that had and all of these 14 tracks are to listen in pleasant ease. Good riffs, a metallic-based DISCHARGE songlist, D.R.I. and anything similar influence etc. From the older lineup the one that has remained is guitarist Tommy Niemeyer, who is the basic composer, while the new members are doing their job very good. Especially the rhythm section is bone breaking. My only objection goes to the vocals. They are very brutal, not horrible but it's few of the times that I felt a little tired. Think something like a hardcore crossing with a possessed Killjoy from NECROPHAGIA.
As I mentioned before, the album is a pleasant one and will be reflecting a lot of times in your headbanging. It's not something you will worship all day and all night but in all its length you will dance to it like an octopus just after its fishing from the sea. Also the sound is just DIVINE. Dirty, without losing any inner detail, very heavy and very natural. Billy Anderson did a really amazing work inside Soundhouse Studio. Place some splatter movies in your video, drink a couple of beers and obey to Martha's disciples.

3 Star Rating

The Splatterbeast
Stomped To Death
Bodies Are Rising
Festival Of Flesh
Elijiah Black
Scotty Came Back
Die Violently
By The Hook
Avenue Of The Dead
Fuck Sorry
Martha's Disciples
Seriously Dead
Splatter Rock II
B.R.A.D. - Vocals
Tommy - Guitar
Pete - Bass
Mike - Drums
Record Label: Southern Lord Recordings


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