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The Amenta - Non (CD)

The Amenta
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 16 November 2008, 8:44 PM

A release through the French Listenable Records that features really short song titles, a totally terrorist cover and… hmmm, a well known musician in the band's line up. Listenable is usually a label you can count on for - at least - decent releases. I hope we won't get disappointed this time.

THE AMENTA were formed in 1997 and were known by the name CRUCIBLE OF AGONY, which was actually the band's first form. COA went under major line up changes and became THE AMENTA in 2002, debuting the very same year with the EP Mictlan. The start was in 2004, with their debut full-length work Occasus.

With a new album through Listenable, the Aussies (you thought Australia is only about Rock & Roll?) return with their weird Industrial Death Metal sound to claim that this album pushes technology to its limits. As they say, they used 7 different studios from 3 different countries, as well as many musicians. Non features 2 drummers, 6 vocalists and bass players. To tell you the truth, I have no idea who all these people are!

The fact is that the only people that are worth mentioning are the guests in this album, Jason Mendonca (AKERCOCKE), Alice Daquet (SIR ALICE) and Alex Pope (RUINS), as well as the band's drummer Dave Haley (Dis), who is no other than PSYCROPTIC's drum beast! Regarding the music now, THE AMENTA plays a brutal Death/Grind kind of music with many electronic shit that somehow spoil the overall result, since they appear out of the blue sometimes and do not exactly fit the music. There were times I honestly thought that the CD was faulty! But in general, it is not such a bad release, since THE AMENTA have some nice Death Metal outbreaks (there were times they reminded me of ZYKLON), and when the technology is absent, there are some nice breaks that just prepare you for the onslaught…

I am not too excited about Non, neither can I say that it is an album that I can't stand listening to. It is a pretty decent release with a great dose of brutality, but I guess that you will like it only if you are a fan of this band or you are searching for something not so classic in the Death/Grind scene.

3 Star Rating

Re - Vocals
En - Guitar
Un - Bass
De - Drums
Dis - Keyboards
Record Label: Listenable Records


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