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The Blackout Argument - Remedies (CD)

The Blackout Argument
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 03 March 2009, 7:45 PM

The previous album by this whatevercore (as I like to call them) band was not so pleasant. Nothing different here as it seems except for the change of singer. I am sorry but all this trendcore stuff are too hard for me to understand, even though I am really young and I have talked to many people that listen to this kind of music. It seems I was born at the wrong time…

The German act exists for only three years and now releases its sophomore full-length for Lifeforce Records. As I said in my review on their previous album, they tried to mix Hardcore, Emo and stuff like that resulting in this Hardcore/Emocore/Screamo or however the fuck they call it. I was never too good at this music, but I really do my best to be as objective as possible. The fact is that when I listen to a band with a guy screaming (literally) and some melodic vocals lay upon a wannabe brutal music I can't take it serious. They themselves describe their music as emotional, and this emotional melodic Hardcore crap does not have an impact on me (and on any metalhead I suppose).

I guess they are considered to be good at what they do. Almost every time I don't like such a band and I happen to ask someone from the specific scene, he/she always tells me that it kicks ass. So just for your info, every time I give a negative review to a whatevercore band and you listen to such music, go and buy the album. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this is a concept album on the curative effects of the Bach flowers. I am sorry but the Metal scene was always about other topics, not how to build a spa.

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Tempest (Rescue Remedy)
Broken Teeth (Agrimony)
Dead But So Alive (Wild Oat)
Identity Dispute (Rockwater)
Kidnap Yourself (Aspen)
The Ravine (Willow)
On The Top Of The Beat (Olive)
Walking Without Feet (Cearto)
Seven Tones Of Grey (Pine)
Treasure Chest, Confidential (Gorse)
Vampire Searching For Some Light (Larch)
Daisied Tree (Hornbeam)
Room To Set Sail (Mustard)
A Walkover To Endure Being (Chestnut Bud)
Raphael Schmid - Vocals
Sascha Laumann - Bass, Vocals
Chris Lochmann - Guitar
Chris Zehetleitner - Guitar
Philip Seidl - Drums
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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