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The Carpet Knights - According To Life

The Carpet Knights
According To Life
by Dimitris Karametros at 14 February 2010, 7:02 PM

It all became clear to me the instant the flute came to the foreground and a journey through the stars started. THE CARPET KNIGHTS is a band I never heard of before; I got their promo in my hands, shame and double shame on me, they managed to bring so many memories back to my mind, memories this grey world tries to steal away, but we metallers know better than to lose ourselves in the grayness.

I still can’t get over the perfect riffs that this album has, I still play the album in my music player and will play it for some time more. There is a revolution in the riffs that the moment you listen to them you gain instant Satori, a mix blues and Hard Rock norms combined perfectly with the refined Metal sound of a progressive band and still nothing that can come close to that. The two guitars manage to create riffs that are different for each different listener, amazing and what is more amazing is that it lacks the tiredness of the over progressiveness in music by some Metal bands. The guitar sound is smooth, you just let yourself get carried away.

JETHRO TULL, KING CRIMSON, HAWKWIND, PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN are names that instantly pop in your mind, while listening to the album, with a definitely stronger influence by JETHRO TULL. The band moves you away from the norm and creates ten songs that do not let you down. You simply cannot get bored listening to "According To Life". The songs change within them and together as a whole all the time and the most important these changes do not tire the listener, I can only think how they would sound live, if they manage to create the atmosphere they crafted within this album…"unique" is the word that comes in my mind.

We remain reminiscent of the older bands, that due to their 20 plus years in the scene cannot deliver the raw power of old yet we lack the perception to notice certain new bands that take the wisdom of old and transform it into a modern piece of art. We give chance only to bands that remind us that we have learned too many names, too many musical forms, who try with elaborate playing to impress us, and we overlook band like THE CARPET KNIGHTS that have the ability to remind us why we begun listening to this kind of music, through simple yet intelligent music crafting. You should listen closely to "Cosmic Mind" and "Lost".

"According To Life" is for the young fans of this scene the new JETHRO TULL or LED ZEPPELIN album that must be in their music collection. This is one of the best albums I have listened in 2009.

3 Star Rating

  1. Headcase
  2. Gaze Through The Days I’ll Hide
  3. Without A Past
  4. Eternal Sleep
  5. Cosmical Mind
  6. Lost
  7. If Soon I Will Be You
  8. Magical Space - Style
  9. Why I Am
  10. Forever Is A Long Time
Magnus Nilsson - Vocals, Flute
Joakim Jonsson - Guitar, Vocals
Tobias Wulff - Guitar
Par Hallgren - Bass
Pelle Engvall - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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