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The Cursed - Room Full Of Sinners (CD)

The Cursed
Room Full Of Sinners
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 June 2007, 4:54 PM

This band's line up includes an artist I haven't seen for many years. Most of you already know for whom I am talking about. I am referring to the one and only Bobby Blitz Ellsworth! Don't tell me you don't know this singer! This guy released some monument albums back in the 80's as well as the early 90's with his former band. It is time to know that Mr. Ellsworth is the singer of the legendary American Thrash Metal act OVERKILL! What does he have to offer with his new band THE CURSED? We will have to find this out by ourselves.
Ellsworth's new super group began as a project (it may still be, I have no clue) during August 2006. The band features credited guitarist Dan Lorenzo (ex-HADES, NON-FICTION), bassist Job The Raver (MURDER 1) and former NON-FICTION drummer Mike Cristi. The band managed to sign a contract with Locomotive Records to release their debut album entitled Room Full Of Sinners.
The last time I listened to Ellsworth's voice was in OVERKILL's The Killing Kind (1996). Unfortunately, I haven't listened to the albums the band has released since then. The fact is that he appears to have a new side project (or a band) that is characterized by its energy and passion for music. I do not want to disappoint the thrashers, but this album has nothing to do with the classic Thrash Metal we all got to know by bands like OVERKILL or TESTAMENT. THE CURSED is a band that plays a very heavy version of Stoner Metal, that because of Ellsworth's voice reminds of TROUBLE's after Trouble (1990) era (due to Wagner's similar high-pitched vocals). The sound is heavy (thanks to the production and Lorenzo's incredible guitar work) and the rhythm section is definitely kick-ass!
The riffs are based on groove and blues scales (as every Stoner band's riffs do). The thing about this band is that because of its members' history, the sound is a bit more aggressive. What I wanted to say is that unfortunately, it is more than obvious that Ellsworth is getting old. Time's scars are visible on his voice. Not that he lost his incredible talent, but it is not the same as ten years ago. Anyway, what I saw while listening to Room Full Of Sinners is that it doesn't matter what your former music style is. As in the past, when former CARCASS members created BLACKSTAR RISING to express their more Stoner feelings. THE CURSED proves that some ex thrashers can do it, too!
Room Full Of Sinners is not an album that can match the gloriousness of bands like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY or great Stoner bands in general, but it definitely is a more than decent work. I think that fans of Ellsworth's voice and fans of the specific genre should give a chance to this band. I don't think that you will be disappointed.

3 Star Rating

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Bobby Blitz Ellsworth - Vocals
Dan Lorenzo - Guitar
Job The Raver - Bass
Mike Cristi - Drums
Record Label: Locomotive Records


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