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The Damned Things – Ironiclast

The Damned Things
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 19 December 2010, 12:12 AM

THE DAMNED THINGS fall in the category of the so-called supergroup because in the band’s lineup we find all ready know musicians. I am against of using this term since it raises the expectations in such high levels that the listener’s judgment can become biased. And in the case of THE DAMNED THINGS I found myself almost trapped by my love for the early ANTHRAX. Of course, the inevitable reference to the one quarter of the ‘Big Four’ is due to the guitar duo IanCaggiano. Ok, maybe Scott has taken a strange path with ANTHRAX but, it’s difficult to forget this band’s prime work, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, THE DAMNED THINGS is a new band that has been working hard to draw publicity and establish a name around the Metal scene. But, wait a minute, is “Ironiclast” a Metal album? Well, after additional CD spins it is safe to say that is not. The ANTHRAX references are limited to the band’s bio and have nothing to do with the musical identity of “Ironiclast”. The album has a strong US Rock backbone walking on mainstream pathways and even to the untrained ear (like mine) bands like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE or even STONE SOUR will come to mind. Keith Buckley has a distinct voice and belongs to the same wavelength with Corey Taylor but, he saves the day with the James Hetfield finishing touches maintaining an almost Metal id. This id is also backed up by the very good guitars that most of the times are in the spotlight taking a safe step away from the mainstream US Rock scene. The guitar hooks might touch the down tuned character of the late Stoner Rock with a hearty almost Zakk Wylde-esque vibrato. Songs like “Handbook For The Recently Deceased”, “We've Got A Situation Here” (distinct Hetfield influences here) and “Little Darling” (the guitar solo has something from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE) are the highlights of the album with catchy vocal melodies and hearty guitar hooks.

So, if you are ok with the non Metal references and the lurking AVENGED SEVENFOLD atmosphere, then you will enjoy this album from a band that to my eyes looks more like a project and less than a full time act. After all, every member has a full time “job” to take care of, don’t you think? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the upcoming (?) ANTHRAX album will have nothing to do with this one.

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  1. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
  2. Bad Blood
  3. Friday Night (Going Down In Flames)
  4. We've Got A Situation Here
  5. Black Heart
  6. A Great Reckoning
  7. Little Darling
  8. Ironiclast
  9. Grave Robber
  10. The Blues Havin' Blues
Keith Buckley - Vocals
Joe Trohman - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Rob Caggiano - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Scott Ian - Rhythm Guitar
Andy Hurley - Drums
Josh Newton – Bass
Record Label: Island Records


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