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The Destiny Program - Subversive Blueprint (CD)

The Destiny Program
Subversive Blueprint
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 October 2007, 9:42 PM

It has been some time since I last received a promo CD from Nuclear Blast Records. If it was for the good old Nuclear Blast, I would impatiently wait for a promo CD to arrive, but the German label has ended up releasing numerous shitty Metalcore album from bands that try to sound like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and SHADOWS FALL. Unfortunately, THE DESTINY PROGRAM is exactly what I just said, a shitty Metalcore band…

The German Metalcore act THE DESTINY PROGRAM is one of the bands that I pleasantly review because I don't spend much time on them. They were formed in 1997 and have been a part of my beloved Lifeforce Records, so if you know this label, you can understand that we can move on without wasting much time.

Think about it as an advertisement. Do you want a combination of clean melodic and brutal vocals? Yeeees! Do you want irritating riffs? Yeees! Do you want a drummer that tries to play in a not so usual way and ends up being tiring? Yeees! Then this is your new favourite band!

I am sorry I won't write any more things about this album, but I will end up repeating myself in the way that Metalcore repeats itself. Do you want to buy it? I don't even care! Do as thou wilt!

1 Star Rating

The Personal Revolution
Project Hoax
Welcome Overboard
The Appeal
Escape The Living Plan
Rebel Press
Walk In Step With The March Of History
The Frequency
Neurosis And Projection
With A Modern Punk Flavor
Johannes Formella - Vocals
Sebastian Formella - Guitar
Sascha Bath-Ahmer - Bass
Jim Ladzenshi - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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