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The Devil's Blood - Come, Reap (CD)

The Devil's Blood
Come, Reap
by Yiannis Doukas at 30 January 2009, 9:14 AM

The witches and all the creatures of the night are gathered. Inside a deep wood under the moonlight they are dancing and chanting spells for summoning the barons of the outer space. Them, whose epiclesis brings the unnamed pleasure, the without limits contentment and the sweet taste of naked flesh. There where the herbage of the earth opens the gates to the bizarre, there where the logic stops in front the gaping chasm of fantasy. The ceremony for the invocation of the Great Goddess has just begun…
…and it looks like one of her conceptual shape paid a visit to Holland and specific to THE DEVIL'S BLOOD. But let's take the story from the beginning: during the year 2006 an idea and some songs took place inside a guitarist mind with the name Simon Lemouchi. His music background is worth mentioning. Been a member in many bands and projects among them the Black Metal horde HADES ADORNED, or GODHEAD one of his prime activities was the Doom meets stoner RED KING RISING. The other important is that he was/is(?) the guitarist of the pure Heavy Metal thunder maniacs POWERVICE. Their demo Behold The Hand Of Glory back in 2005 is the only recording so far but contains three unbelievable songs full into the N.W.O.B.H.M. and mostly the two first albums of IRON MAIDEN. All these tracks are absolute killer, an anvil of pure Metal right upon your face with some astonishing guitars that are randomly appeared in other bands. I can write for months about them, just check their myspace page and judge for yourself here: POWERVICE on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads.
So, after finding the members that would be the perfect for his new musical step, S.L. and the newborn THE DEVIL'S BLOOD recorded some demo songs like The Anti Kosmik Magick, Christ Or Cocaine or It's On. Imagine some hard rock that comes from the twilight of sixties and the rise of seventies. With a strange occult sound, Great guitars, influences that start from BLACK WIDOW and COVEN mostly for aesthetic reasons and early Satanic N.W.O.B.H.M. things like ANGELWITCH, PAGAN ALTAR, WITCHFYNDE and HELL together with the sweet touch of Roky Erickson vintage guitar these songs is a clear testimony of the band's power. The water was settled to the ghyll. Female vocals with a weird timbre, summoning and chanting, production and sound coming from the catacombs from the very beginning this band differs and shows us their unholy power.
The first official thing was a year before with the Graveyard Shuffle 7 via Van Records including the self - titled opus and as b - side the Waxing Moon Over Babylon, a jewel piece that is now sold - out. The same year brought the first live appearances for the band that introduced a unique performance for their crowd foul or mysticism and blood. The inferno just exploded.
Come, Reap. There are no words for enough describing. Really. The second attack, now as a 5 song mini album again from the same label just shows how serious the things are here. Where to begin, where to end! The beginning track, Come, Reap is an example of how magic moments can music gives to you. Via its simplicity the band creates so tempting and wonderful feel like no other. The Heaven's Cry Out The Devil's Blood carries such an aura that every time I hear it I feel so damn happy like a wave of euphoria overwhelming my entire being. The cover of Roky Erickson's White Faces is very nice, the sound is so warm and also so powerful plus they are masters in lost inside the space and time moments by wielding clear psychedelic influences from HAWKWIND or kraut rock bands. The last song, Voodoo Dust begins with an ASTONISHING melody and it transforms into a trip by following its ten minutes length. And the funny thing is that although they don't play Heavy Metal they are ten thousand times heavier that most of the common trendy Metal scene.  
This band is a must. They are so good in everything that simply I cannot believe it. Just check their covers, or their FANTASTIC logo. The veil of mysticism that they wear by not mentioning their members rises and accomplishes the whole image perfectly. I wonder, if this is the beginning what will be the future. The anticipation for a full - length is on top. Come, Reap can be placed next to albums like the debut of ANGELWITCH or WITCHFYNDE without fearing nothing. Can you understand what are we talking about? I'll keep the perfect rating for the forthcoming release but it's more than classic even a few months after its release.

4 Star Rating

Come, Reap
River Of Gold
The Heavens Cry Out The Devil's Blood
White Faces
Voodoo Dust
The Mouth Of Satan
Record Label: Van Records


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