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The Duskfall - Lifetime Supply Of Guilt (CD)

The Duskfall
Lifetime Supply Of Guilt
by Michael Dalakos at 13 September 2005, 6:34 PM

Hey, it seems that things in The Duskfall's camp are going quite well lately! I mean leaving a big label (Black Lotus) and joining an even bigger one (Nuclear Blast) can't prove otherwise. I admit that I have found The Duskfall's music to be OK in their previous works and I was a bit interested in seeing if they had managed to brake the barrier between being simply good and being really good!
The Duskfall was formed by Mikael Sandorf back in 1999. Early on in their career they had a number of lineup changes and technical problems when both Tommi Konu (bass) and Urban Carlsson (drums) had to leave the band. After months of searching an old friend from Gates Of Ishtar, Oskar Karlsson, came to the rescue as a drummer while Kaj Molin replaced Tommi on the bass duties. Finally with a full lineup by the summer of 2001 their first demo entitled Deliverance was ready.
In spring 2002 they released their Frailty CD, produced by Daniel Bergstrand. After the CD was released it was time to give another touch to the lineup when Joachim Lindbδck joined the band on guitars. Once the change was dealt with the band started focusing on writing new songs for their second CD, recorded once again at Daniel Bergstrand's Dug Out Studios and was entitled Source (December 2003). After the release of Source, Kaj and Joachim also decided to leave to band. This was a major setback but the band got help from Antti Lindholm on guitars and Marco Eronen on bass. Both are now fulltime members of The Duskfall.
Well, Lifetime Supply of Guilt is indeed a better album than its predecessors. The good thing about The Duskfall, in my opinion, is that they often decide to turn the heat up and avoid sounding like another Iron Maiden masqueraded clone of a Death Metal band from Sweden. When they rock, they do ROCK! Haha - yeah this CD has some really heavy shit in it. And what better way to prove this than the frenzied opener Trust Is Overrated!
Of course there are several cliches popping out here and there but overall this is much heavier than the typical oh look mom, can I buy this melodic Death Metal album from Sweden? (bliah!) deal. The Duskfall are not gay and that's what I really like in their music. Damnit! If I wanted to listen to Maiden I would have bought Maiden (or the Iron Maidens!!!) and not a Death Metal band.
Buy it, turn the volume up and start annoying your neighbors with this beloved, satanic music called Metal.

4 Star Rating

Trust Is Overrated
The Shallow End
Break The Pact
A Stubborn Soul
Shoot It In
Going Down Screaming
Hours Are Wasted
Sympathy Has Decreased
Downright Dreadful
Relive Your Fall
Mikael Sandorf - Guitar
Marco Eronen - Bass
Oskar Karlsson - Drums
Antti Lindholm - Guitar
Kai Jaakola - Vocals
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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