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The Forsaken - Manifest Of Hate (CD)

The Forsaken
Manifest Of Hate
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 01 February 2001, 12:07 AM

Tommy Tagtgren said after the recording of Manifest Of Hate: This is the best band I've recorded so far!. He must know something, right guys?
The Forsaken is a melodic Death Metal band from Sweden. No, not NWOSDM like In Flames. Imagine a combination between Arch Enemy, At The Gates and the American Death Metal gods Morbid Angel. Of course I have to mention that their music style is not just a copy of the bands I mentioned before so in order to get a picture of their music imagine all those influences enriched with a deep personal touch.
What blew me away was the technique of this band! Hell, they are great musicians! I always believed that you don't have to be the greatest musician on earth in order to play Death Metal but now, I have changed my mind. I also have to say that the vocal parts are amazing! Anders Sjoholm has one hell of a brutal voice. The guitars are awesome too and there's a Thrash Metal feeling on both guitar and drums. What else is missing if you have all of the above? Good production of course! What about The Forsaken then? Do they have a good production? Hell, yes! The production is almost perfect! Well, if I say perfect, who is going to say I'm wrong? Everything on that CD is a step before the perfection.
If you are a Death Metal fan, you can't afford to miss that album. If you want to call yourself a deathster then go and buy it as soon as possible. Keep also in mind that this is only their debut. Great job guys… you surely won't be Forsaken.

4 Star Rating

Seer Hatred
Daemon Breed
Betrayal Within Individuals
Collector Of Thoughts
Intro/Manifest Of Hate
Dehumanized Perspective
Truth Of God
Inseminated By The Beast
Anders Sjoholm - Vocals
Stefan Holm - Guitar
Patrik Persson - Guitar
Michael Hakansson - Bass
Nicke Grabowski - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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