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The Glitterati - Are You One Of Us?

The Glitterati
Are You One Of Us?
by Grigoris Chronis at 04 June 2010, 11:06 AM

These lads have eventually been around for quite some time; formed in Leeds,West Yorkshire while moving to the capital of London afterwards, THE GLITTERATI released the limited edition “Do You Love Yourself?” single and “Here Comes a Close Up” EP back in 2003/2004 gaining immense regional recognition (e.g. nomination for Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang! awards). Moving on with the “The Glitterati” debut CD one year later, the band had some huge help by GUNS N’ ROSES and METALLICA, TRIUMPH and MOTLEY CRUE, U.F.O. and MEGADETH and SEA HAGS credited Mike Clink behind the producer’s seat, creating a mass rockin’ sound and general vibe willing to take them to the top. Recording in the USA but touring excessively on British soil (festivals such as Download and T In The Park included) was among the factors in charge for THE GLITTERATI breaking into the British charts with the “You Got Nothing On Me” (#40) and “Heartbreaker” (#50) couple of singles.

Now, nearly five whole years later(!) it’s the follow-up CD’s turn to hit the stores; “Are You One Of Us?” sees the British band having inked deal with DR2 Records (let’s say Demolition Records) while enlisting the services of none other than the renowned Matt Hyde (top works of whose include TRIVIUM and SLIPKNOT) for the new album’s sound. To be honest I was a little bit afraid I’d meet a New (or “Nu”?) Metal style in this CD but fortunately (sorry!) things proved to be kinda different but not again identical to the first album’s standards.

To cut a long story short, if you’ve ever listened to the 2005 debut album rest assured the 2010 successor preserves enough from the band’s roaring ‘outlaw’ Rock vibe but equally risks with a more aggressive songwriting and final mix. The songs are more on-the-edge and quite forceful unveiling a tension from the band to keep up to date with today’s standards maybe (it’s a 5-year gap we’re talking about here…), but melodies and hook patterns as witnessed in “The Glitterati” are also present if you read behind the lines. The first single “Fight Fight Fight” (released from late November 2009 as a free download) is quite representative for what “Are You One Of Us?” consists of, to tell the truth: the trademark works of bands like (classic) MOTLEY CRUE and GUNS N ROSES and THE WILDHEARTS meet the fuzzy low-tune sounds of (today’s) CRUE/SIXX:A.M. and BUCKCHERRY with the hardrockin’ trendy methods of e.g. THE ANSWER.

THE GLITTERATI means business, that’s evidence if you spend time with their new album. On second thought, more old-fashioned hard rockers will probably stick more to the outfit’s debut better, since the new CD may sound quite re-modern-ized not only in the sound but in the general STEEL PANTHER-ish funny/cocky attitude (“…nobody can fuck me up like you…do…”?). On the other side of the stream, younger sleazy rockers (not of the current Swedish scene necessarily) will possibly feel more comfortable with the “Are You One Of Us?” CD. Seasons change, ideals remain, questions are on hold for the third album…go figure. Nah, it’s a good album anyway (the younger you are the more you’re gonna admire it).

3 Star Rating

  1. Right From The Start
  2. Fucks Me Up
  3. Can’t Say No
  4. Fight Fight Fight
  5. Too Many Girls
  6. Your Idea
  7. Overnight Superstar
  8. You Can Be So Cruel
  9. Shanty
  10. Keeping Me Down
  11. Cashcow
  12. Lola It’s Over
Paul Gautrey - Vocals
John Emsley - Lead Guitar
Billy James - Drums
Baz Morisson - Bass
Gaff - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: DR2 Records


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