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The Grieving Process - Assimilated Deformation (CD)

The Grieving Process
Assimilated Deformation
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 20 March 2008, 4:58 PM

What do we have here? One more release from the UK based Anticulture Records, a label that has offered some pretty interesting releases lately. The band's style was obvious before I even listen to the album due to the t-shirts these guys wear, as well as the pretty extreme logo.

This is the band's debut full-length album and its 7 tracks (plus an intro) have a total duration of approximately 25 minutes. As their label's homepage mentions, they have played over a hundred live shows, so I suppose that we have to do with a particularly experienced band, at least regarding its live performances. Let's see what they can do in the studio.

First of all, I still haven't understood what's the point in having meaningless intros in an album. Having something you composed yourself that gets into the whole atmosphere is respectable, but a stupid thing filled with effects that you only listen to the first time and then you start the album from the second track is really irritating. Anyway, THE GRIEVING PROCESS is a Deathcore band, even though they call themselves a Death Metal band or even better, a sludgy Death Metal band. What I realized, is that this band has some decent, yet mediocre compositions that have some good moments, but they can't keep you interested throughout the whole album.

Relentless blasts, a singer that is growling like a beast and shredding guitar work are elements that form Assimilated Deformation, an album where Grind outbreaks meet with Core breakdowns. The production is really nice for this kind of music, but this doesn't save the day for the band.

The album is not bad for sure, but these guys need to work a bit harder on their songs. They have the potential to stand proudly next to bands like JOB FOR A COWBOY or ALL SHALL PERISH, but they need to focus on their songwriting.


2 Star Rating

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Hunger For The Dead
Home Movies
The Opposing View
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James Paone - Vocals
Jon Graham - Guitar
Jesse Robinson - Guitar
Jason Mudry - Bass
Senen Solis - Drums
Record Label: Anticulture Records


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