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The Guestz - Not For Money, Just For Glory (CD)

The Guestz
Not For Money, Just For Glory
by Grigoris Chronis at 29 September 2008, 5:35 PM

First thing I noticed in this auto-promo CD was the professional package. A digipack release, with complete Press info and all needed links to follow up the Italian band's effort. THE GUESTZ breathe life for 2 years now, have Rome as their base and - as they manifest - wanna play nothing more or less than Rock 'n' Roll. OK with the will, but does this demonstration fit the case?
Guitarist Jonna is said to be some short of celebrity in Roma's Rock/Metal scene, and it's read that he holds credits with Italian goth-sters THEATRES DES VAMPIRES. He seems to be the founding member in THE GUESTZ (weird name –> the band performed at a gig with German hardrockers SOUL DOCTOR placed as 'Guests' in the gig's poster –> funny!), with Mimmo God, Rob 'n' Roll (cool name!) and Matt filling up. Not For Money, Just For Glory bears a controversial title, in my mind; on the other hand, it totally speaks for the truth. 'Cause…
…the likes of post-80s MOTORHEAD, AC/DC, THE CULT, BRITNY FOX, BUCKCHERRY, THE ALMIGHTY, (even) ZODIAC MINDWRAP and CRAZY LIXX, BABYLON A.D., GUN are the spine of the quartet's blend. With an 80s attitude and some 90s/00s aura it is not hard to believe the band's a fave onstage. The will even apply to Punk Rock fans, New Rock followers and Sleaze Rock addicts. The vocals of Mimmo are - in the beginning - sounding somehow amateur and out of tune. Still, I have the belief this is more of a conscious 'attitude' move rather than some short of ability.
The guitars krank fire, even if I'd wish for more mass amplitude. The leads are carry the R'n'R ideals, while the rhythm section is nothing less than usual for the genre.
Jonna Wants Two Beers is fast and Rock-'n'-Roll, Piracy gets mid-to-slow-pace in a Bon Scott-meets-Alice Cooper vocal style by Mimmo, House Of Rock bears a THE ALMIGHTY/GUN/VAIN vibe, Naked Alice gets rockin' again and In The Blink Of An Eye goes AC/DC in mood and Sleaze Metal in loudness again. Without being something worth changing it, I have the impression there's some lack of hooks in the choruses by the band. This is just for the record; for other bands it'd be essential to have.
THE GUESTZ are in the flesh, not for money, just for glory. Believe 'em, they just rock. And - bearing in mind they do it well - check their MySpace page for some samples and then send a mail message to the guys so as to buy the CD for only 5 Euro. You get sleaze, rock 'n' roll and freshness all in one.
P.S.: The production is killer for a self-financed CD.

3 Star Rating

Jonna Wants Two Beers
House Of Rock
Naked Alice
In The Blink Of An Eye
Mimmo God - Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jonna - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals, Lighter
Rob 'n' Roll - Bass, Backing vocals
Matt - Drums, Tambourine, Backing vocals, Human Capo
Record Label: Illegal Records


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