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The Haunted - Versus (CD)

The Haunted
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 September 2008, 8:17 PM

What happens when a band starts paying more attention to its promotion and public image than its improvement? Probably exactly what happened to THE HAUNTED, the once so called Swedish SLAYER, the new gods of Thrash Metal. Are you one of those who once said stuff like that? Do you still believe them?

When Marco Aro left THE HAUNTED to concentrate on his family and release a masterpiece with his ex comrades in FACE DOWN, I knew that the return of Dolving would bring nothing more than trouble to the Swedish metallers. Since he re-joined THE HAUNTED, he spends more time on fighting with the users of a well known news portal than on working with is band. At least that's what he shows with his attitude…

What about the music of THE HAUNTED? Has anyone from this band spent some fucking time to work on it or they just release uninspired and meaningless albums? Is this the end of THE HAUNTED? I mean, in 2006 we had the release of The Dead Eye, an album that I thought was a joke, but sadly it wasn't. It was the new album of the once kickass Swedish Thrash Metal band.

Now, the band probably tried to save its image by releasing an album that tries to mix the old sound with what they did in The Dead Eye. How ironic… One of the best Swedish bands being haunted by the ghosts of its past. The once face melting guitar work sounds so flat that a great guitarist like Jensen looks like a Metalcore kid. The band tries to improve its sound by using the sound of bands that THEY influenced!

Dolving somehow came to a point where he thinks he is an actual singer and not a screamer and he adds some melodic lines that are surely miles away from the band I once loved. Where is the fucking macho atmosphere of songs like Bullet Hole and Bury Your Dead? It's not so weird that these songs are the ones that still create mosh pits during their shows…

2 Star Rating

Moronic Colossus
Little Cage
Rivers Run
Iron Mask
Imperial Death March
Peter Dolving - Vocals
Patrik Jensen - Guitar
Anders Bjorler - Guitar
Jonas Bjorler - Bass
Per M. Jensen - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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