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The Haunted - Warning Shots (CD)

The Haunted
Warning Shots
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 03 March 2009, 7:20 PM

It is customary for the record labels to release a compilation from a band's back catalogue that for some reasons has been deleted from their roster. In this case we have THE HAUNTED as the band and Earache as the record label. Earache decided to create a two disc compilation to include the best tracks from the first THE HAUNTED albums plus some non album songs.
Accidentally, my connection to THE HAUNTED faded out after the One Kill Wonder album; I got the feeling that the band reached the 'creativity' wall being limited by their own performing style. THE HAUNTED built a strong fan base with the SLAYER sounding guitars and the power fueled concerts that is common element in most of the Swedish Metal bands. So, rEVOLVEr was a turn off from me and eventually made me loose interest in the later releases.
Nevertheless, the fact that this release comprises the band's best moments is truly enticing at least for the new THE HAUNTED fans. Disc 1 has nothing new or unreleased apart from the hearty collection featuring the best moments from the three full length albums under Earache's guidance. D.O.A., Hate Song or Hollow Ground, -that comes from their best and second album- are some of the highlights. The songs are in-your-face Thrashers that slightly touch the Metalcore scene in terms of screaming vocals and groovy breaks. The PANTERA influences shine in In Vein while Everlasting is here to snap your head with the SLAYER-esque riffs and cutting edge guitar harmonies. I still cannot hold myself still while the killer intro in Dark Intentions that blows my head with the excellent double drum kick leading to another SLAYER influenced track and riff driven (really catchy one) Bury Your Dead.
The second disc features some non album tracks that were used as bonus material in some special editions. In the promo CD there are the pretty good cover on CANDLEMASS's Well Of Souls (no is not a sacrilege due to killer guitar riffs), the live recorded Choke and the demo version of Undead. the latter one comes as a instrumental and for this I think it sounds more of a Thrash song without the Metalcore screaming vocals (sorry Mr Dolving).
So, if you need something to wrap up (what I believe) the best albums of the Swedish band or you are just a new to THE HAUNTED then this compilation will do the thing. On the other hand if you possess the aforementioned albums then this one will not trigger your buying instincts.
P.S.: Let's hope that this time we will not receive another verbal attack because we want to believe that we are living in a world where freedom of speech is a prerequisite.

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Disc 1

Hate Song   
Shadow World   
One Kill Wonder
Under the Surface   
In vein   
Hollow Ground
Dark Intentions   
Bury Your Dead   

Disc 2

Well of Souls
Choke Hold (live)
Leech (live)   
Three Times (live)
Undead (demo)
Shattered (demo)   
Undead (Death & 1/2 Prod. rehearsal)
Now You Know (Death & 1/2 Prod. rehearsal)
Blood Rust (Death & 1/2 Prod. rehearsal)
Peter Dolving - Vocals
Anders Bjorler - Guitars
Patrik Jensen - Guitars
Jonas Bjorler - Bass
Per M. Jensen - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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