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The Last Embrace - Inside (CD)

The Last Embrace
by Harry Papadopoulos at 17 December 2007, 11:11 AM

To tell you the truth, I have never heard of those guys before in my life! THE LAST EMBRACE is a French band playing atmospheric Metal. Most bands of  LongFellow Deeds Records are playing Stoner Rock in general. They should stick to that.
Before start writing a small bio about the band, I would like to say that it would be nice for a band that wants to do a national career to write some things in their website in English. Not everybody knows how to speak French, Italian or Greek. The band was formed in 1998 and started playing live in 2000. During the next year, THE LAST EMBRACE started recording their first self-financed EP. The Last embrace EP was out in 2003. After some appearances in festivals, three members of the band left. In 2005 the band was with a new lineup and ready to record their first full length album, Inside. After they finished the mastering of the album, bassist player Vik left the band and Ben was his replacement.  Right now  THE LAST EMBRACE are preparing their second album.
As most genres in the Metal scene, atmospheric Metal is hard to compose in order to make an album sound nice and distinguished from the rest. Well, Inside is not one of those albums. They are trying to build the album on the forms that THE GATHERING and ANATHEMA first made. The only thing they manage is to compose songs that are sometimes too predictable and boring. The album is full of classic guitars and keyboards and only one or two riffs make you wake up. Coco sometimes dreams that he is playing with DREAM THEATER as far as the sound concerns, because by just saying that he can play like Jordan Rudess is a joke. As for the production of the album: it is not bad, but it could be better.
Two things 'save' the album (if I can say that): the voice of Sandy and some good riffs here and there. But the album, in total, is somehow boring. Better check something else if you are 'into' atmospheric Metal.

2 Star Rating

Somewhere In The Dark Rain
Can You?
It Says
To Dispel Inner Fears
Sandy - Vocals
Olivier  - Lead Guitar
Laurent - Guitar
Vik - Bass
Coco - Keyboards
Alexis - Drums
Record Label: LongFellow Deeds


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