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The Lovecrave – Soul Saliva

The Lovecrave
Soul Saliva
by Dimitris Karametros at 11 September 2010, 3:09 PM

Tired I am tired, to listen to bands that promise to change my view of the whole Metal scene and impress me with their uniqueness and abysmal experience that is greater than the knowledge that Gandalf has about Middle Earth, why oh Muses why can’t they just say the obvious in their promo sheet: we are a band that play the music we love, hear us we are good, if you like us join us if you hate us dump us in the garbage bin. Marketing you say; they have to sell their work, but I always thought that in regards to music formal words are unnecessary.

Italian-born THE LOVECRAVE is a very good band, “Soul Saliva” is their second album and as one can guess its female fronted and gothic Metal in its sum. Yes you flamers out there who cry that we have enough female fronted gothic Metal bands out there you are right, but give me a second here, no you will not find in THE LOVECRAVE lyrics deeper than LACUNA COIL or a more aggressive sound than EPICA, what you will find is a cool mixture of Hard Rock with a gothic undertone. Simple an good music that even someone that is unfamiliar with the sound might be able to listen and the lyrics get through to him/her.

Francesca truly has a Rock voice that instantly hooks you to the sound. There is a harshness in her voice that amplifies the feeling that she means that which she is singing, empowering that way the lyrical part of “Soul Saliva”.

The rest of the band gives way to Francesca’s singing, but they do not play any less powerful than the singing. Very good combination of straight Rock riffing and bellowing drums. The Hard Rock solos are also perfect. Given that this is their second album, I could say "impressive".

Although it will appeal more to fan of bands such as EVANESCENCE, it shouldn’t be shunned by gothic Rock fans. Use it as a remedy to a strong 69 EYES induced hangover,it will do miracles to you.

3 Star Rating

  1. The Other You
  2. And Scream
  3. Warriors
  4. Fade
  5. Get Outta Here
  6. Thriller (Michel Jackson Cover)
  7. Your Fire
  8. Leon's Lullaby
  9. Tru Blood
  10. Outsider
Tank Palamara - Guitars
Simon Dredo - Bass
Bob Machine - Drums
Francesca Chiara - Whispers, Screams
Record Label: RepoRecords


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