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The Minor Times - Summer Of Wolves (CD)

The Minor Times
Summer Of Wolves
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 17 December 2007, 10:37 AM

I searched through their official homepage, their Myspace page, as well as some other sites I use to find information about bands I want to review or I am just interested in their music. The only thing I found about their line up was the name of each member. I don't even know who plays what (and why)…

THE MINOR TIMES hail from Pennsylvania, USA. The info I came across could not really help me to see what they have released and through which label, but I don't really care to tell you the truth. The only thing that matters is their new album Summer Of Wolves, which is probably their first one through the US label Prosthetic Records. The band managed to have great people make incredible work for 'extra' stuff, but didn't tried as hard as it should in order to offer something that would be so unique as some claim they are.

The band's music reminds a lot of bands like COALESCE and APIARY and mainly MASTODON. In fact, the US metallers have totally ripped off MASTODON's music! I personally found many similarities between those two bands! The music is - as you can imagine - low tuned aggressive riffing with a not so standard tempo, great rhythm section and harsh vocals. The sound is great, since the mastering has been done by Alan Douches (SHADOWS FALL, MASTODON, CONVERGE) and the recording by producer Vince Ratti (A LIFE ONCE LOST, BURY YOUR DEAD).

The only thing that I really liked in Summer Of Wolves was the effort the band has put in the lyrics, that have to do with social issues and inner struggles and are presented in a pretty beautiful way. A really good album that could do the work for THE MINOR TIMES, but I believe that their incredible similarity with MASTODON makes them get left behind. The band has the talent to make us believe in them, but as it seems they don't believe in themselves…

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Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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