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The Modern Age Slavery - Damned To Blindness (CD)

The Modern Age Slavery
Damned To Blindness
by Rena Koutsou at 27 November 2008, 5:46 PM

THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY is an Italian band formed in 2007, whose debut album Damned To Blindness is about to be released in November 28th and signal a new worthy career for the Death Metal archives. They already gained astonishing reviews from the worldwide Press as well as the Album Of The Month title in the German magazine Rock Hard which was the reason that Napalm Records offered them a deal.

From the moment I got the CD to each time I repeatedly listened to it, Damned To Blindness leaves me with such a good impression, to the point where I proudly consider them one of the few bands (I've only noticed that to The Archaic Abattoir of THE ABORTED) that succeed to marry brutal Death Metal with a new wave of a sound, without losing all this rough attitude and be a sell-out (this is also easy to notice from the artwork of the album that shows no modern compromises). Their music? Pure deathcore with grind burst outs and prevalent blast beats, with an expert singer in traditional growls and screams, which is something that helps the band prove that: uniqueness is not what makes you special but full dedication to your work and careful steps.

The songs do not miss the melodic element as well, especially in the song Drop By Drop which synchronizes the above with a great potential and their basic harsh character. The album ends with the song Wolverine Blues which is a tribute cover to ENTOMBED, confirming the good reputation of the band, as they managed to leave their own spot in a song with such a great history.

So I you are a fan of the severe Ddeath Metal form we totally recommend you to give THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY a chance to be spread all over!

4 Star Rating

Progenies Of Ancient Slaves
Red Lines Of Obsessions
Damned To Blindness
Drop By Drop
A Desert To Die For
Vile Mother Earth
The Sublime Decadence Of An Era
Shell Of Perversion
Descent To Oblivion
The Modern Age Slavery
Wolverine Blues (ENTOMBED cover)
Giovanni Berselli - Vocals
Luca Cocconi - Guitars
Simone Bertozzi - Guitars
Mirco Bennati - Bass
Gregorio Ferrarese - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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