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The Ocean - Anthropocentric

The Ocean
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 18 November 2010, 1:11 PM

Normally I should write down the 6 guest musicians that play in this album, but Metal Blade Records didn’t waste its time on mentioning their names, since the people of the label thought that the number was enough. Anyway, back to the band and its brand new album since this is all that matters. Even though I still haven’t been able to keep my ears away from the incredible “Heliocentric”, I was impatient to lay my hands on THE OCEAN’s second part of this concept, their new album “Anthropocentric”.

This time, the lyrical concept behind this album is based on man and his place in the universe. Compared to its predecessor, “Anthropocentric” sounds somehow heavier, more aggressive and kind of weirder. This of course doesn’t mean that THE OCEAN’s brand new effort doesn’t contain its calm and acoustic moments with this enchanting feeling that travels you into parallel dimensions. The band has actually managed to achieve this hard task of creating this huge concept, making “Heliocentric” and “Anthropocentric” sound solid and whole individually, while also creating a totally different whole when listening to them the one after the other. Their sound remains a beautiful mix between Post Rock/Metal with many Progressive Rock touches, as well as many aggressive parts, with Loic Rosetti proving to be an exceptional choice behind the microphone with his passionate growls and melodic clean vocals.

Recorded at the very same studio that “Heliocentric” was recorded (La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland), the band hasn’t only achieved to have the very same sound in both releases, but also not lose this epic feeling that makes those two albums so special. With “Heliocentric” being probably my top release for 2010, “Anthropocentric” arrives some months later as the perfect fit for it. Thumbs up for the German/Swiss metallers and we hope to see them climbing even higher!

4 Star Rating

  1. Anthropocentric
  2. The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazov Baseness
  3. She Was The Universe
  4. For He That Wavereth…
  5. The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts
  6. The Grand Inquisitor III: A Tiny Grain Of Faith
  7. Sewers Of The Soul
  8. Wille Zum Untergang
  9. Heaven TV
  10. The Almightiness Contradiction
Loic Rossetti - Vocals
Robin Staps - Guitar
Jonathan Nido - Guitar
Louis Jucker - Bass
Luc Hess - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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