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The Order - Metal Casino (CD)

The Order
Metal Casino
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 September 2007, 7:09 PM

The first thing that attracts someone's attention on this album is the - in my humble opinion - crappy cover. Even though I was prepared for some shitty 41 minutes of torture, I found out that THE ORDER are not that bad! They also feature members of some really good bands, that in fact have nothing to do with the kind of music THE ORDER play. So what happens when some thrashers and an alternative rocker team up? I will tell you what, total Armageddon!

THE ORDER welcome you to the Metal Casino with a small intro, where Pontillo unfolds his vocal abilities! So, the casino's owners already count three years of life. This casino was built on the ground that bands like DIO, WHITESNAKE and even EDGUY have already prepared so as to be ready for some good gambling to be laid upon.

Members that have played in bands like the Swiss thrashers GURD or the alternative rockers PURE INC. are here to leave the past behind and deliver some bone breaking Rock & Roll tunes that will make you wanna grab a beer and just have fun! Songs like the EDGUY meets DIO Mama, I Love Rock & Roll or the WHITESNAKE style In The Heat Of The Lonely Night (even the title is too WHITESNAKE-ish) will bang even the head that doesn't bang! Great and groovy guitar work, awesome rhythm section and a vocalist that kicks ass compose the atmosphere the THE ORDER create.

The production has given the sound the heaviness and the solid feeling it needs and that's also one of the positive things this album has. Metal Casino also features a great power ballad, My Last Goodbye, that could easily become a radio hit (and features a solo that strongly reminds of Mr. Crowley). So, what would you say for some good old heavy Rock & Roll that is like when thunder hits the ground as EVIDENCE ONE say? THE ORDER are definitely becoming one of Dockyard's strongest bands and if they keep up like this, they will definitely deliver something way better next time. Until then, enjoy this Heavy Metal masterpiece!

PS: Highly recommended to fans of JORN…

4 Star Rating

Welcome To The Metal Casino
Mama, I Love Rock & Roll
Bridges Burning
My Last Goodbye
In The Heat Of The Lonely Night
Let The Good Times Roll
Down With The Rain
Broken Days
Little Wings
Gianni Pontillo - Vocals
Spring - Guitar
Andrej - Bass
Tschibu - Drums
Record Label: Dockyard 1


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