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The Poodles - Sweet Trade (CD)

The Poodles
Sweet Trade
by Grigoris Chronis at 01 October 2007, 3:43 PM

THE POODLES: A rising star? Last year's Metal Will Stand Tall debut proved you can glam and rock at the same time, not preventing your lipstick and perfume from writing catchy and ample music. Sweden has always raised the flag of impressive 'melodic' Hard Rock with much of spirit and less of sarcasm. THE POODLES - in both albums - do increase the self-sarcasm thingie and, bearing in mind you do not usually get sick to the view/sound of such 'glam' Metal stuff, Sweet Trade is not a bad album at all.
THE POODLES, consisting of previously known musicians such as Jakob Samuel (TALISMAN, JEKYLL & HYDE, MIDNIGHT SUN, THE RING), Pontus Norgren (GREAT KING RAT, TALISMAN, THE RING, ZAN CLAN), Christian Lundquist (RAW) and Pontus Egberg (LION'S SHARE, ZAN CLAN), delivered Metal Will Stand Tall in 2006 and created much of contradiction for their promotional tools. Still, lipstick did accompany some really good Hard 'n' Heavy music with lots of choir singing (some 'opera' vocal harmonies were installed, too) and a powerful production resulting in a GOTTHARD-meets-EDGUY-meets-WIG WAM-meets-TALISMAN-meets-ABBA output that - by itself and only - can raise various questions in advance.
Sweet Trade carries a relevant mark (still, more 'metallic' now), in a set of twelve cuts shining through an impressive production. Positive energy is the trademark of this band - fans of ANATHEMA and KATATONIA stay away! - while the musicians feature some strong songwriting again, not to take into consideration the perfect musicianship. The sound is so solid, explaining (partially) the 'metal' attribute, plus Jakob's singing is so clear and ample you can actually wonder why the man's was not the next e.g. Joe Tempest or Andy Deris all these years. Seven Seas, the first single off the new album, reflects the 'pomp' WIG WAM-ish side of THE POODLES and has already received golden status since its separate release. Apart from this tune, you'll find interest in the up-tempo energy of Flesh And Blood, the rolling groove of Walk The Line, the sophisticated cosmopolitan-ism of Reach For The Sky and the mood of We Are One and…and…and… Radio-friendly songs, in average duration and careful performance.
In Sweet Trade the band invited some great 'guest' team (Matti Alfonzetti, Goran Edman and Mats Leven) to donate extra spirit. In Sweet Trade the star of THE POODLES shines on. In Sweet Trade things are kinda of more 'hard'. Well, it's not groundbreaking, it's not of pure 'metal, but it's fresh, good and serious. Hence…

3 Star Rating

Flesh And Blood
Streets Of Fire
Seven Seas
Walk The Line
Reach The Sky
We Are One
Without You
Band Of Brothers
Heaven/s Closing In
Kiss Goodbye
Jakob Samuel - Vocals
Pontus Norgren - Guitars
Christian Lunqvist - Drums
Pontus Egberg - Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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