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The Prophecy - Into The Light (CD)

The Prophecy
Into The Light
by Yiannis Doukas at 13 March 2009, 9:19 AM

A good enough and 'above average' quality album is what THE PROPHECY offers us in this third full length CD, named Into The Light. The Englishmen have till now released albums that stood very close to MY DYING BRIDE, gained some recognition by many friends of that genre and although they were close to their influences they could keep a color of personality.
Here, the whole thing refers mostly to OPETH because of the overall presentation of the songs and some mild progressive passages that sometimes may lead you to PINK FLOYD or something like that. The vocals are divided between brutal ones and some clean high melodic vocals that rise the level of the compositions not only for their quality but also for their lyrical face followed by an equivalent duality in the music.
The first song, Into The Light, is one of my favorites. It starts like a dark nightmare with an impressive drumming full into the Doom-meets-Death Metal aura of MY DYING BRIDE and old, very old, ANATHEMA. It continues including powerful vocal melodies that are 'mind traveling' and for the end a riff that points to CANDLEMASS. The plethora of melancholic melodies continues inside Delusion, Don't Forget and reaches the maximum in Believe Means Nothing, a good structure-based song with sharpened and nice guitars.
It is a fact that sometimes I'm feeling a little tired and tracks like Echoes or Hope will reach easier people with the appropriate esoteric disposals or brain dead fans of this specific kind of music. THE PROPHECY carries a very heavy atmosphere, like KATATONIA sometimes but I believe somewhere they push that too far without a reason.
To be clear, although Into The Light has very few chances to win people not inside this style, it is butter in the bread for all the melancholic hordes that worship depression and the rest. And if I consider the success that OPETH gains I will not be surprised if I would see THE PROPHECY winning more and more friends. And surely if you want sometimes to chill out through dark thoughts this is a very good choice for musical company into your room.

3 Star Rating

Into The Light
Don't Forget
Belief Means Nothing
All Is Lost
Waters Deep
Matt Lawson - Vocals
Greg O' Shea - Guitars
Gavin Parkinson - Bass
John Bennett - Drums
Record Label: Code 666 Records


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